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Custom Aluminum Mold Making Service

The aluminum mold is a low-cost tool that shortens the manufacturing time, so it is very flexible in mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding production. Since it is a method of simplifying mold structure, the aluminum mold is often referred to as rapid mold or test mold. Custom aluminum injection molding is often used in small batch production, often in the field of rapid injection molding.

As you know, CNC manufacturing prototypes are the most important method used to verify products in the product development process, and steel molds are the most economical way to mass production of plastic products. Because of its lower cost and shorter production cycle than steel molds, and the mass injection output can reach 100-10,000 pieces, aluminum injection molds have become an important means of product development and market testing.

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Use Aluminum Molds for Small Batch Production. WHY?

Generally speaking, the purpose of aluminum mold for small batch production is to reduce business costs, shorten production cycles, reduce new product development risks, and flexibly regulate the market.

  • 1. Simplified mold design reduces mold structure, saving manufacturing time and cost.
  • 2. Improve heat dissipation, no need to use messy cooling lines.
  • 3. Mold production and parts manufacturing are completed in 15 days or less.
  • 4. The mold manufacturing cost is low, ranging from a few hundred to 2,000 US dollars.
  • 5. Single cavity and multi-cavity molds: According to the size and complexity of the parts, 1-cavity, 2-cavity, 4-cavity and 8-cavity molds can be used.
  • 6. Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials are the same as materials for mass production. More than 100 different materials can be used, including ABS, PC, PP, PE, POM and silicone rubber.
  • 7. The production quantity does not exceed 10,000 parts. For more quantity requirements, steel molds can be considered.
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Process of Aluminum Mold Making

Aluminum molds are easy to machine and have high dimensional stability, mainly through rapid CNC machining, wire cutting, and EDM processing to form single-cavity or multi-cavity molds. The excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum improves heat dissipation, eliminating the need for messy cooling lines and saving mold cooling time by up to 50% during production.

The thermoplastic and thermoset materials used in the production are the same as the mass-produced materials. More than 100 different materials can be used, including ABS, PC, PP, PE, POM and silicone rubber.

In the past few decades, the pressure to shorten the cycle time of manufacturing molds and molded parts has raised the level of the mold industry to a new level. Under the right conditions, aluminum molds have also become an excellent choice for long-term production.

Compare Aluminum Mold vs Steel Mold

Aluminum molds are very suitable for small batch production. Compared with traditional metal molds, they provide a cost-effective solution with a shorter lead time. For aluminum molds, we are usually 30-50% cheaper than producing injection molds. Compared with steel molds, the lead time is shortened by 40-60%.

Advantages of aluminum molds:

  • The processing time of aluminum molds is much shorter than that of plastic injection molds. For example, the cutting speed is faster than steel, and the cooling speed is 5 times faster than P20 steel.
  • The processing cost of aluminum molds is much lower than traditional molds. Shorter processing time leads to more savings in processing costs.

Challenges of aluminum molds:

  • The mold life is shorter than the steel mold life.
  • The total number of products that can be produced is much smaller.
  • The tolerance is wider than traditional tools.

Mold selection:

Produce on demand, select the appropriate mold type.

  • Rapid aluminum mold, suitable for products with less than 10,000 times.
  • The P20 prototype mold is suitable for products that are more than 50,000 times.
  • NAK80 or S136 prototype molds are suitable for products up to 100,000 times or more.

Aluminum Mold for Plastic Injection Molding

Traditional injection molding can usually produce millions of plastic parts. However, manufacturing the required steel molds usually takes several months and is much more expensive. But what if the production demand requires a smaller quantity? This is the ideal place for aluminum molds.

If your demand for the number of parts will not reach millions, or if you need to produce parts on-demand within a few days, and if you want to avoid high-risk mold investments before the part design is truly verified, then use aluminum molds for small batches Injection molding may be a good choice. Once the aluminum mold is ready, injection molding production begins almost immediately. This allows each order to be manufactured in three weeks or less.

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