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Assembly Packaging at Sungmould
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Assembly Packaging by Sungmould
Our expertise extends far beyond injection moulding, and by working with us throughout the entire production process we can add value every step of the way.With years of experience in the assembly of accessories and packaging of products, we can provide your company with sufficient assembly lines and complete packaging to help customers prepare for distribution or resale.

Often these value-added operations can be performed in conjunction with production processes such as injection moulding, saving your company time and money by producing complete, ready-to-use components quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Sungplastic can provide complete solutions from moulded components to packaging and assembly – including warehousing and logistics. If your company does not currently have the resources to handle or store your product, Sungplastic can meet your packaging, warehousing and logistics requirements – we are happy to provide you with these services.

Assembly service at Sungmould
packaging service at Sungmould

Assembly & Packaging Capabilities

Assembly Services


Plastic to Plastic with Hardware

Electromechanical Assemblies
In-house Soldering
Ultrasonic Staking
Conventional Staking
Ultrasonic Welding

Packaging Services

Custom color box packaging
Plastic bag/heat seal
Product Fulfillment/Shipment
High speed/high volume

Custom Your Products at Sungplastic

At Sungplastic, we rely on more than 20 years of industry experience to provide you with one-stop service from prototype to the final product. If you have any project to discuss, please contact us to get the most reasonable and economical solution.
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