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High precision Machining
Precision Mold & Injection Molding

High Precision Manufacturing for Automotive Components

Sungplastic serves clients from all walks of life, including the automotive industry of course. We understand the unique challenges that this industry presents to suppliers’ machining capabilities. The production and assembly of critical automotive-related components must meet a high and reliable standard in order to meet customer expectations.

From the mold design stage, we work closely with customers in the automotive industry to help prevent and solve potential problems and create competitive, forward-looking processes and solutions.

The technologies we provide to the automotive industry include professional precision mold making and injection molding processes, high-precision CNC machining, and innovative surface treatment technologies such as mirror polishing, material hardening, metal surface oxidation treatment and soft hand feel for plastic parts, etc. As an experienced Tier 2 and 3 supplier, we can also provide valuable support and insight into material selection and tool management.

Precision Automotive Mold Tool Making Capabilities

Mchining Capabilities:
CNC 3D Machining
Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM)

Tolerance limit Control (+/-):
±0.005 mm Within Cavity Shape

Precision Machining
Custom Tolerance

Automotive Components

  • Central control panel
  • Air conditioner air outlet plastic parts
  • Air conditioning control panel
  • Car door cover
  • Center console chrome trim
  • Car key case
  • Plug housing
  • Sealing cap
  • Connector
  • Plastic cover

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Common Automotive Components Manufacturing Services

Custom Precision injection mold tooling plastic mold factory

Mold Manufacturing

A properly designed and constructed injection mould tool is the key to efficiently processing plastic parts during the entire life of the project.

custom plastic injection parts plastic molding services

Injection Molding

We provide plastic injection molding, overmolding, insert molding and blow molding services to meet our customers’ demand for plastic products.

Quick Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

To test your new product or part before taking it to production. 1-100 Quantity, within 3 days by 3D printing, CNC machining, and other techniques.

3 axis cnc service 5 axis cnc machining china

CNC Machining

High production efficiency, stable quality, excellent appearance, and suitable for a variety of materials. From a prototype to a large batch, it can be easily customized.

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