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Custom blow molding is a manufacturing process used to make hollow plastic parts and products, such as bottles, containers, cans, etc. . The principle of blow molding is to blow compressed air into molten plastic so that it expands like a balloon and forms a specific shape, and then the mold is opened to eject the molded product. The finished product has an attractive, smooth surface without the need for additional processing.

We are a full-service plastic molding factory, specializing in custom injection molding, custom blow molding and custom assembly of complex products. With Sungplastic, you will have a partner with extensive experience in blow molding. Our capabilities start by supporting your product design, helping you achieve manufacturability and optimal cost points. Then we also provide mold design, mold building, injection molding, CNC machining, quality control, assembly and packaging and shipping as needed. So we can provide the most suitable service support for your project and budget. Contact us to get started.

blow molding of sports bottle

Major types of resins for blow molding:




Sungplastic also offers secondary operations such as:

UPC labelling
Adding inserts
Special packaging

Custom Blow Moulding Products

Packages / Containers

bottles, containers for cosmetics, medicine food, chemical wreath bucket of double” L” or single “L”(5ml-500L)


box for knives, automobile amending tools, haircut sets, medical treatment, workout machines, electrician tools, stationery and so on.

Automoble accessories

coat of air conditioner,ventilated pipe,icebox,fuel tank,water tank,roadblovk,signpost,etc.


tyre, watering gun, chairs, desk, slip (the facilities for children playing ), plastic model and animals toy brick, etc.


floating ball,globle,ball light in entertainment place,etc.

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For many products, multiple processing steps are required to complete the finished product. For example, the production of water bottles requires injection molding and blow molding to create plastic caps and bodies.

At Sungplastic, we rely on more than 20 years of industry experience to provide you with one-stop service from prototype to the final product. If you have any project to discuss, please contact us to get the most reasonable and economical solution.

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