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Our precision CNC machining services make complex finished batch parts and prototypes in as fast as 3 days. Based on a wealth of technical experience, we can handle your demand for plastic and metal parts with our sophisticated 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centres.

We specialize in CNC cutting, milling, turning, drilling, grinding, laser engraving and much more. CNC products are mainly medical parts, communication parts, optoelectronic parts, automotive parts, complex parts, non-standard parts, and custom parts, which are made of more than 70+ materials/finishes.

At the same time, we take prompt response capability, quality assurance system and costs control as its core competitiveness. Whether your project requires any technical support, contact our sales team today, to get comprehensive machining services.

CNC machining workshop center

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a reduction process that removes material from a workpiece to complete a design. Because the computer controls the entire machining process from start to finish, CNC machining can provide a consistently high level of accuracy and facilitate small or high volume production of identical parts.

Advantages Of CNC Machining

CNC machining technology is widely used because of its many advantages:

  • 1. Fast production. The processing speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
  • 2. It is widely applicable to a variety of materials.
  • 3. The processing quality is stable, the processing accuracy is high, and the repeat accuracy is high.
  • 4. Easy customization, suitable for new product development and modification. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program.
  • 5. Very suitable for multi-variety, small batch production. The production efficiency is higher and the investment time is less. Compared with developing molds and injection molding production, it is more economical and cost-effective.
  • 6. It can process complex profiles that are difficult to process by conventional methods.

Our CNC Machining Processes

CNC Turning services

CNC Turning Service

CNC turning is suitable for rapid prototyping, low and high volume production. Our CNC high-speed turning center is equipped with powered tools and automatic bar feeders. We can manufacture complex external geometries and internal holes with very tight tolerances and excellent surface finish.

CNC Milling Services

CNC Milling Service

CNC milling is one of the most famous rapid prototyping methods. Despite the fierce competition from 3D printing, most designers still like it. Sungplastic provides precision CNC milling services for prototyping, small batch manufacturing and mass production. Our machining center has 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines, which can cut on different axes at the same time to achieve faster production and more complex molding.

CNC Machining Tolerances

Our general tolerance for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine, and for plastics, it is DIN-2768-1-medium. Tolerances up to .0008” (0.020mm) are available upon request. Tolerances are greatly affected by part geometry and material type, so we strongly recommend consulting our engineers before starting any project. We are working with you at every step to ensure that your parts meet and exceed your expectations.

CNC Machining Raw Materials

CNC machining can be applied to a variety of plastic and metal alloy materials:

  • Metal: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper (Brass, Brozne, etc.), Iron, Titanium, Low Carbon Steel, Alloy
  • Plastics: ABS, PC, PVC, PP, POM, PEEK, Acrylic (PMMA), Nylon

These materials are purchased from material suppliers that have undergone strict inspection and have long-term cooperation with us and can provide reliable material certification.

CNC steel

Alloy Steel

CNC Aluminum


CNC stainless steel

Stainless Steel

CNC Brass


CNC plastic


Custom CNC Machining Surface Finishes

After CNC machining process is completed, most parts need surface finishes. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements.

Common surface finish processes include grinding, polishing, electroplating, anodizing, blackening passivation, brushing, sandblasting, painting, powder spraying, printing (silk printing, pad printing), laser carving, and phosphating.

anodised aluminium


Anodizing is to improve the protective, decorative and functional properties of aluminum alloy:

  • Anti-corrosion and protect the outer surface.
  • Customized appearance colors: black, grey, red, blue, gold.
  • Texture: smooth, matte finish.
  • Effect:Increase surface hardness, wear resistance, electrical insulation, etc.
Electroplating metal


Electroplating can make the workpiece obtain decorative protection and a variety of functional surface layers, and can also repair wear and processing errors of the workpiece.

  • Material: aluminum, steel, plastic
  • Type: zinc plating, nickel plating, tin plating, etc.
  • Application: electrical connection, jewelry, radiation shielding
sandblasted aluminum


Sandblasting removes the surface processing traces of machined parts and gets a texture or matte texture surface. Bead Blasting is mainly used in vision applications to upgrade the product surface:

  • Materials:aluminum, brass, steel,plastic
  • Standards:Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5, Sa3
metal Powder Coating service

Powder Coating

Powder coating is also called electrostatic powder spraying, a coating process that uses corona discharge to make powder coatings adhere to the workpiece.

  • Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, steel
  • Colors: black, any RAL code or Pantone number.
  • Applications:vehicle parts, household appliances, hardware tools
Polishing finish


Polishing refers to a processing method that reduces the surface roughness of the workpiece through physical methods to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss:

  • Material: aluminium, brass, stainless steel, steel
  • Types:mechanical polishing, chemical polishing
  • Application: lenses, accessories, high-end gifts
plastic spray painting services

spray painting

Spray paint improves the decoration of the product. The painted parts have a variety of colors. It improves the aesthetics of appearance and makes the product more high-end.

  • Colors: Pantone number, customized
  • Effect: colorful, UV coating, hand-feeling paint, etc.
  • Application: electronic products, consumer products, sports products, etc.
Custom CNC Machining Services at Sungplastic

From Prototyping To Production

CNC Machining Services for Metal &Plastic Rapid Prototyping

CNC machining prototypes have become one of the mainstream of modern prototype machining, especially those with high precision and appearance requirements.

Commonly used materials for rapid prototyping: ABS, POM, PC, acrylic (transparent material), nylon, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, iron, etc.

Wide range of application areas: CNC prototype processing is often used for prototypes for cars, robots, medical treatment, aerospace, small household appliances, mobile phones and computer peripheral products, and can also be used to make large-scale product functional test standard parts, such as air conditioners, displays, audio, medical equipment, motorcycles , Car accessories and other products.

Custom CNC Machining Service For Any Volume Production

We have a complete set of modern production equipment: CNC machining centers, CNC lathes and various CNC machining machinery and equipment, as well as metal forming, punching, welding, bending and other machinery and equipment to meet customer needs for customized products.

Common materials for mass customization include: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, nickel alloy, copper, steel and so on.

CNC machining is very flexible in terms of quantity, 1~100,000 pieces can be processed. Mass production of non-standard customized parts, such as automation machinery parts, medical equipment parts, mobile phone parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, instrumentation parts, etc.

CNC Machining Services For Custom Products Ready For Sale

CNC machining is not only used in the production of prototypes and batches of non-standard parts. Due to the excellent appearance and post-processing effects of CNC machined parts, the processed products can directly face consumers.

Customized CNC products generally involve electronic products, mobile phones, computers, high-end gifts, handicrafts, office stationery and sports products, etc.

For example: mobile phone holders, computer holders, mobile phone protection frames, wireless chargers, car keychains, aluminum pens, high-end cosmetic packaging boxes, etc.

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