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Excellent Manufacturing Solutions for LED Lenses

The LED lenses are optical systems that can change the light field distribution of the LED lights. Using different led lenses according to different effects can enhance the utilization rate and luminous efficiency of light. A lensed luminaire may contain many small prisms that control the luminosity distribution of the light. A clear plastic lens comes in different shapes, such as free-form, asymmetrical, and symmetrical. Usually, the material used to manufacture these lenses is PMMA or PC (polycarbonate).

We are an experienced manufacturer of custom LED lenses with supporting optical solutions, Toshiba injection molding machines, light distribution equipment and a constant temperature workshop. We have the capability and facility to develop custom designs of LED lenses according to the needs application.

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LED Lens manufacturer

Precision LED Lenses Manufacturing Process

We have a modern manufacturing unit equipped with advanced Japanese Toshiba injection molding machines, as well as a constant temperature workshop. Our staff are rigorously trained to inspect every batch of optical LED lenses produced.

Although LED lenses seem to be simple, they have very high requirements on production conditions from design to finished product. The production process must follow the following points:

  • 1. The LED lens itself is a precision optical accessory, so it has extremely high requirements on the precision of the mold.
  • 2. In principle, choose optical grade PMMA, if you have special needs, you can choose optical grade PC. At present, it is the best material for Japan’s Mitsubishi PMMA.
  • 3. Operators must wear anti-static clothing, finger cots, masks and other anti-static and dust-proof measures.
  • 4. Professional optical injection molding machines such as Toshiba, Demag and other brands of injection molding machines are required, and the injection molding process and production temperature is strictly controlled to obtain qualified products.
  • 5. Product inspection: no bubbles, no dents, no sink marks, no flow lines, no crescents.
  • 6. The product must be packed in anti-static and dust-proof PVC and must be completely sealed. The temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled for storage.

LED Lenses Application

  • Light Street Light
  • LED backlight for TV
  • Showroom Light
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Stadium Stage
  • Warehouse Lighting

Case Studies

Please read our production case for street lamps and LED backlights (Samsung TVs). Hope they are helpful to you and become a bridge for our communication. If you have similar needs for custom plastic optical lenses, please contact us to experience our professional services.

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LED Street Light Lenses

LED lens injection molding services

LED Lenses for TV Backlight

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