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Material: LG PMMA High Transparent Acrylic Plastic (transmittance 92%), Imported S136H Super Mirror A-grade Plastic Mold Steel.
Quantity: More than 500 million pieces have been delivered so far. The mould can reach up to 160 cavities, and the QC pass rate is more than 98%.
optical LED lens manufacturer for TV backlight

Optical LED Lens for Samsung TV Backlight

Samsung purchased this high-quality led lens for their TV backlight panel. The light emitted by the LED lamp beads on the backlight panel can be evenly distributed to ensure that consumers watching TV have a high-quality look and feel. We are proud to be his optical lens manufacturer.

After four months of unremitting efforts, this TV backlight lens is independently developed by our lens optical design team. Unlike the low-cost and low-quality advertising light box backlight lenses, it is a high-quality lens.

Our company pays a lot of attention to the optical performance and performance of the LED lens. In the end, the sample passed the strict verification of the Samsung TV department at one time and was very affirmed by customers.

TV backlight LED lenses manufacturer
light from the LED lenses

Design of Optical LED Lens for TV Backlight

As we all know, the light emitted by LED lamp beads is irregularly scattered. In order to make the light can achieve the effect we want, we need to cover a lens above the lamp bead. The principle of refraction using optical angles allows light to be emitted in the direction we want.

According to the different uses of the product and different lighting performance, we need to design lenses with different angles and shapes. The lens design is a very professional job. Our designer team not only needs professional knowledge in optics but also product design. It also needs rich experience in mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding.

Optical Curves of LED Lenses

Test Mold for Optical LED Lens Manufacturing

Prototype manufacturing of LED lenses is different from traditional prototyping of plastic products. We couldn’t do it with CNC machining, and we couldn’t do it with vacuum casting or 3D printing. We must start from meeting the quality requirements of mass products, use S136H mold steel of the same A-grade quality, engrave with precision machinery, and then do super mirror polishing to manufacture qualified test moulds.

From the point of view of the balanced filling of molten plastic, it is impossible to make only one cavity, but to make a symmetrical multi-cavity test mould, so as to ensure the consistent and stable quality of the final plastic product.

The pilot mold also required the same hot runner system as the intended production mould. We need to design reasonable plastic runners to facilitate the glue feeding method for later mass production. Therefore, we can also call this test mold a mass production mould with fewer cavities.

optical LED lenses design service

Optical LED Lens Injection Molding Adjustment

In order to achieve the fine adjustment of injection molding conditions, our company usually uses a customized TOSHIBA injection molding machine for injection molding. The clamping force of the 250 Ton injection molding machine can ensure that the parting surface of the mold can fit well. The screw of the TOSHIBA injection molding machine is suitable for the advancement of PMMA, its injection pressure can meet the fine adjustment of 1Pa, and the adjustment and control of the four-stage injection temperature can well meet the characteristics of acrylic raw materials. Dwell time is also an important factor, which adjusts the density inside the product as the molten plastic cools.

When the complete structure of the LED lens is injected, the injection parameters need to be recorded in detail. Then the adjustment technician will adjust and record multiple injection parameters at the same time until the product structure is abnormal, such as flash. This was done to obtain injection molded lens samples under different conditions. Usually, this mold trial process requires our professional and technical staff who are very familiar with lens production to continuously and finely adjust the machine parameters for more than half a day.

optical LED lenses production

Dimensional Inspection and Optical Effect Verification of LED Lens

The molding of the lens is precision injection molding. The lens product obtained after the molten plastic is cooled in the mold needs to be strictly checked for dimensions. Different from conventional plastic products, the dimensions and tolerances of lenses are all at the micro-level.

We need an optical microscope and a quadratic projection measuring instrument to examine these tiny molding dimensions. These dimensional measuring instruments can accurately measure tiny dimensions, and the measurement tolerance can be between +/-0.001mm. It is with their help that we can have a good understanding of how precise the dimensions and tolerances of the manufactured lenses are.

Lens Quality Testing Instrument
QC of LED lens
quality control of lenses
It is not enough to measure just one lens sample. As an optical lens manufacturer with strict quality control, we also measure multiple lens samples from a single shot, and also number the multiple shots and measure the corresponding samples. Our quality inspection work is not only rigorous but also requires every piece to be treated strictly. Like the lens quality record table below, we probably made no less than 50 copies. This also sets a benchmark for our future mass production. Our QC does not compromise on quality control.
quality reports of LED lenses
It is also difficult for all of the samples to pass the test at one time. We need to constantly explore, improve the processing technology, strictly control the processing process, and finally achieve that every piece is perfect. In the process, we also accumulated valuable experience.

Mass production of Optical LED lenses

We have gained valuable experience in the work of trial mold manufacturing and improvement, which will be of great help to our subsequent mass production mold manufacturing and mass production molding.

We are getting more and more stable on the road to mass production. The mass production mold has gone from the initial 32 cavities to the ramp-up 64 cavities, and now we can even complete the controlled mass production of 160 cavities.

There are also many factors that need to be controlled in mass production, such as:

  • 1. The stability of injection molding machine, servo machine and oil heating machine. Generally, we need to conduct the product review after the machine is fully automated for 6 hours. All products manufactured during this period need to be scrapped.
  • 2. Stability of injection molding environment. The injection molding workshop needs a constant temperature central air conditioner to control the ambient temperature within the range of +/-2°C.
  • The stability of raw material supply. Ensure that the same quality of plastic raw materials are uniformly fed into the hopper.
  • IPQC quality stability control. A professional lens QC employee is in charge of three injection molding machines, checking the size of 5 shots of products every half an hour, and fitting them to the inspection board to review the optical effect.
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