Sheet Metal Stamping & Plastic Overmolding for RV Lock Manufacturing

OEM Services: Precision Stamping, Metal Overmolding, Machining, Assembly, Custom Packaging.
Material: Fe37 D UNI 7070, Plastic TPEE 55D, 9SMnPb23 UNI 5105.
precision stamping parts of RV LOCK

RV lock Development Background

The client is an established Italian manufacturer of RV supplies. Our company has been assisting them to complete some plastic connector manufacturing projects. Last year, the client planned to develop a new set of RV door locks, which included hardware components, plastic accessories, and parts with plastic material coating on the hardware surface.

After discussing with us, the customer learned that we can outsource the hardware components from metal stamping companies, then we complete the plastic overmolding, and finally our assembly department completes the assembly and packaging work. Therefore, the client can rest assured that all parts and final assembly and shipment will be handed over to us throughout the process. And all they need to do is book a shipping location and wait for us to pack the goods for delivery. This is called contract manufacturing in the industry.

Our company has been established in Dongguan for 20 years and has helped various customers to complete many supporting projects other than plastic injection molding, such as PCBA manufacturing, precision machining, sheet metal stamping, zinc-aluminium alloy die-casting, and surface finishes. In Dongguan, China, a world-famous manufacturing city, we have cultivated a high-quality supply chain and can provide customers with one-stop service, which not only maintains the consistency of quality standards, but also helps customers reduce a lot of work, and also helps customers save the cost and time of the entire project.

RV supplies

What Is Precision Metal Stamping?

  • Precision stamping is a process that uses tools to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and heterosexual materials to achieve a certain shape and size. The production efficiency of metal stamping processing is high, the operation is convenient, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation. Stamping products have stable quality, high strength and rigidity. In short, the stamping process is a low-cost manufacturing method of metal parts.

Process of Precision Stamping

In actual production, stamping is often a combination of multiple processes applied to a workpiece. Punching, bending, shearing, stretching, bulging, spinning, and straightening are several main stamping processes.

The stamping process is divided into two categories according to the deformation of the material: separation process and stamping forming process.

  • The separation process is to separate the sheet material according to a certain contour line to obtain a stamping part of a certain shape, size and cut surface. The separation process: blanking, punching, cutting, trimming, etc.
  • The forming process is that the blank is plastically deformed without breaking to obtain a stamping part of a certain shape and size. The forming process: drawing, flanging, shaping, drilling, bending, etc.

Review of Stamping and Overmolding Processes for RV Locks

Stamping Process of Hardware

After the following closely related stamping process, we get beautiful stamping parts.

  • Select the appropriate hardware raw materials. For lock hardware, we choose SPCC hot-rolled sheet widely used in the industry.
  • Blanking, various forming (calendering, bending, flanging, embossing, shaping, etc.)
  • Surface treatment: cleaning, degreasing, polishing, heat treatment, electro-galvanizing, etc.

The dimensions of the products manufactured by precision stamping must be controlled within a relatively precise tolerance range. Otherwise, it will cause trouble in the later overmolding. If the dimensional tolerance is too large, it will cause problems such as injection molding flash. If the injection mold hits the hardware while overmolding, there is a risk of damage to the injection mold. Therefore, the excellent quality control of sheet metal stamping parts is an important guarantee for the high quality of the final product.

stamping blanking
precision metal stamping
metal stamping inc

Overmolding on Stamping Metal Parts

Some parts in this lock are not independent hardware but need to tightly wrap the plastic material on the hardware to achieve the functions of buffering, anti-collision, and anti-abnormal noise. This is our factory’s metal overmolding service.

Selection of cladding material – TPEE 55D

In the selection of coating materials, we do not use conventional TPE/TPR soft glue. In daily life, many plastic parts are covered with TPE/TPR, such as scanner handles and air nail gun shells. These materials have a good coating effect on the surface of ABS or nylon plastic parts, but their bonding firmness on the hardware surface is relatively poor. To be honest with you, we recommend using TPEE 55D on metal fittings. The advantage of TPEE 55D is that it is very firm with the covering of hardware. The final product quality exceeds customer expectations.

Mold manufacturing steps for metal overmolding

We need to first manufacture the hardware using precision stamping. Control the dimensional accuracy of precision stamping samples. The files of these hardware samples were obtained by 3D scanning. Then you can use this 3D image to design and manufacture plastic molds. In the mold design, it is also necessary to pay attention to the position of avoiding the void to prevent the surface of the product from being crushed. After the mold is manufactured, these hardware samples need to be adapted to the mold, and a required sealing effect needs to be achieved.

overmolding mold for metal parts

Injection molding steps of metal overmolding

After the mold is made, it is the mold trial process. Correctly place the injection mold on the injection molding machine, then separate the front and rear molds, and then correctly place the hardware in the reserved position, and finally the mold can be closed for injection.
Adjust the injection temperature and pressure, as well as the injection and cooling time, so that the molten TPEE plastic material is evenly filled in the mold cavity and then cooled. There is no shortage of glue, no glue overflow, no flash, and control defects such as airlines and bonding lines on the surface of the product. The end result is a satisfying product.

overmolding on metal parts

Assemble the finished parts

The assembly of this lock is not only manual assembly, but also rivet riveting assembly. Our assembly department can develop different assembly jigs and fixtures according to the needs of the assembly process, and customize rivets that meet dimensional tolerances. During the assembly process, it is not only necessary to prevent the product from being bumped and scratched, but also to fully check the function of the movable structure of the product after assembly. Make sure the final product looks great and functions well.seless.

Package and Shipping

According to our experience, we recommend using five-layer cardboard boxes, adding cardboards inside, and separating them into separate spaces. Put each product into a bubble bag and put it in the corresponding small room, so that the products will not squeeze or collide with each other during transportation, and ensure that the quality of the goods received by customers is the same as when they left the factory.
package carton of RV lock

Precision Metal Stamping Products Finished

Industrial metal stamping parts are widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery, instrumentation, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery and other fields. The sheet metal pressing has gradually become an important part of the current parts manufacturing industry.
sheet stamping parts
stamping product
sheet metal pressing

Custom Precision Steel Stamping with Sungplastic

As mentioned above, our factory is located in the world-famous manufacturing city – Dongguan, which has created a high-quality supply chain and can provide customers with one-stop service. Such contract manufacturing not only maintains the consistency of product quality standards, but also helps customers to reduce a lot of tedious work and coordination work, and also helps customers save a lot of time.
About the cost? For outsourced manufacturing under our control, we generally only charge 2% management fee to our clients. For customers, this is much less expensive and more efficient than communicating and coordinating across multiple factories.
We hope you love this RV lock manufacturing case study overview and may have gained some ideas and insights to help you with your next project. Do you have a great idea that you also want to make a reality? If you agree with this way of cooperation to help you better complete the project and product manufacturing, please don’t hesitate to send an inquiry today to us, we’re always ready to provide a free quote and project research.

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