Pressure Die Casting

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Pressure Die Casting Service

Sungplastic provides a full range of pressure die casting services. Aluminum alloys, zinc alloys or magnesium alloys are the most common die casting materials. After mold making, die casting, machining, polishing and surface treatment, you will get high quality finished parts. Experience our professional service when you send us a CAD or 3D file for a free quote.

What Is Pressure Die Casting?

Die casting is the process of making metal products by injecting metal in a molten state into custom molds. Die casting parts have good surface finish and high dimensional stability. Aluminum alloys, zinc alloys or magnesium alloys are common die casting materials. The die casting process is suitable for the production of large quantities of metal products.

Advantages Of Pressure Die Casting

  • High-speed production process
  • Tens of thousands of prototype copies
  • High precision, accuracy and dimensional stability
  • Complex geometries can be realized
  • Suitable for medium and large metal products

Die Casting Parts Surface Finishes

We offers aluminum and zinc pressure die casting services to suit your company’s needs. The success of your die casting project depends on the quality of your molds, and our mold making capabilities are unmatched in Asia. After the die casting parts are finished, additional surface treatments can make it even more perfect. Such as:

  • polishing
  • plating
  • painting
  • sandblasting
  • powder coating
  • processing
  • assemble

Look at Some Die Casting Products of Our Work

At Sungplastic, our team conducts all mould making and injection moulding production in-house and provides extensive engineering support to customers when required. If your product has a complex structure and consists of plastic parts and metal parts (for example, the metal shape of LED street lights consists of plastic lenses and die casting parts), we can participate in the production management of each part, so that the production process of the product is completely executed according to the design plan.

We’re always looking for more ways to meet your individual needs to help you complete your projects by reducing the time and cost of excess supply chain communication and collaboration.

Find Main Capacities about Sungplastic

A single prototype or small batch of metal parts is very suitable for CNC machining. After the prototype has been verified in terms of appearance and function, you need to invest in mass production to meet market demand. At this time, injection molding, stamping and die-casting processes can meet production needs.

At Sungplastic, we rely on more than 20 years of industry experience to provide you with one-stop service from prototype to final product. If you have any project to discuss, please contact us to get the most reasonable and economical solution.

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