On Demand Manufacturing for Plastic Parts

Choose from two molding options tailored to your manufacturing needs:
Prototyping molding
Low volume injection molding
Mass production
injection molding custom plastic molding service

On-Demand manufacturing is a model that allows products to be manufactured when they are needed and in amounts needed by the vendor. Sungplastic is a leading on-demand manufacturer, providing the highest quality products and parts with quick turnaround at affordable prices.

At every stage of new product development, from plastic prototype low-volume manufacturing to injection molding mass production, we strive to make the process as streamlined as possible. Leveraging scientific molding techniques, we enhance the optimization of your parts for production, while providing real-time monitoring through our machine connectivity network. This not only saves you time but also simplifies process qualification throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Throughout the production journey, we provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback and design consultations to refine part design. Additionally, we conduct in-process Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspections to authenticate crucial dimensions, facilitating quick qualification of parts and processes. As for finishing options, we offer a wide selection for customized parts, including mold cavity pre-finishes.

Are you contemplating Prototyping or On-demand Manufacturing Tooling?

While the molds used have similarities, aspects such as part quantities, ongoing maintenance, quality documentation, and cost vary based on the service chosen. The optimal choice is contingent on your project requirements.

Injection Mold Tooling Options

We offer two variants tailored to your needs at any stage of the product lifecycle. Our prototype molding process slashes weeks, sometimes months, off your product development cycles, allowing you to transition to production with injection-molded parts in a matter of days. Our On-demand Manufacturing process is designed to cater to your production requirements, enabling swift part qualification and a smooth shift into production. This is achieved through scientific molding, and in-process CMM inspections with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), accompanied by a comprehensive set of secondary operations. We ensure your parts arrive and perform as anticipated.

aluminum injection molds

Single Cavity Aluminum Mold

Injection mold gating system

Multi-cavity Steel Mold

Prototyping Molding

I need to validate my design at Sungplastic. I need the flexibility to iterate before production economically.
Best For:
Minimize design risk. Enhance R&D efficiency.
Accelerate time to market by conducting design and material iterations.
Evaluating cost and manufacturability tradeoffs.
Towards smaller quantities, typically less than 2,000. Small batch plastic manufacturing.
Mold Style: Aluminum molds
Mold Cavities: Single
Lead Time: AS fast as 5 days
Mold Life:
Limited (guaranteed for at least 2,000 shots)
Mold Storage:
Stored for 24 months of inactivity

On-Demand Manufacturing

I have low-volume manufacturing or on-demand production needs.
Best For:
Design is finalized and run-to-run part consistency is critical.
Key focus is to improve quality, reduce cost, and mitigate supply chain risk.
Process development and mold capability information are required.
Flexible quantity: from hundreds to 100000+
Mold Style: Steel molds
Mold Cavities: Single and multi-cavity
Lead Time: AS fast as 20 days
Mold Life: Unlimited
Mold Storage:
Stored for 5 years of inactivity

Why Use an On-demand Manufacturing Tool?

Starting from advanced design, we obtain manufacturability feedback to ensure optimal product design before the production of individual parts. Our scientific molding process generates data and lessons learned, which are applied to every run of your part. Our CMM inspection ensures and verifies dimensional consistency throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our on-demand injection molding manufacturing service helps simplify your supply chain, allowing you to obtain high-quality parts more easily and quickly. We meet your inventory needs, with no minimum order quantity, and provide supply chain flexibility from bridge tooling and just-in-time (JIT) production to standard production and dual sourcing strategies. So, you get:

  • Free prototype mold when upgrading to on-demand manufacturing
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Scientific molding process development report
  • In-process monitoring and inspection
  • First article inspections and process capability study

Advantages of On-Demand Manufacturing:

Fast Turnaround:

On-Demand manufacturers can provide instant quotes on CAD models, allowing them to receive an order and begin production on the same day. This is much faster than traditional manufacturers who may take days or even weeks to get a quote approved. Additionally, products are received upfront in small volumes, which means customers can receive their products in weeks, not months.


Small-batch orders and fast turnaround times reduce warehouse storage and logistics costs by minimizing inventory on hand. This also reduces costs associated with excess stock disposal and waste.


On-Demand manufacturing allows for rapid prototyping, enabling companies to quickly produce and ship single parts cost-effectively. Variations of the same part can be easily printed, as the technologies used do not require retooling. Rapid prototyping allows companies to bring ideas to market quickly to meet the ever-changing demands of customers.

More Control of Goods and Less Waste:

On-Demand manufacturing prevents oversights in estimations of customer requirements, reducing the likelihood of stock exceeding demand. Quantity is only ever made on need, reducing the chance of supply exceeding demand. This model also keeps resources that would have gone into making manufactured goods that may result in unused products.

Improves Innovation:

The interaction between client and manufacturer, reduced lead times, low cost, and flexibility typical of custom low volume production have greatly increased the rate of technical innovations. Engineers and creators can design products and have a prototype produced in days at minimal expense.

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