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Metal parts, around our lives, such as vehicle engine metal parts, metal brackets, and stainless steel shelves, play a vital role in solving problems of manufacture and applications and can further improve living standards. Custom metal fabrication is to create of metal parts for specific applications and industries through CNC machining, injection molding, extrusion, casting, forging, stamping, 3D printing process and so on.

As a metal parts fabricator, Sungplastic always delves into custom metal parts manufacturing and is committed to producing high-quality metal parts at a competitive price.

What is Custom Metal Parts Fabrication?

Custom metal parts fabrication refers to metal components or pieces that are manufactured to specific, non-standard specifications to meet the unique requirements of a particular project or application. These parts are typically fabricated through processes like machining, casting, forging, or additive manufacturing (3D printing), depending on the complexity and material requirements of the part. It involves the cutting, shaping, and assembling of metal materials to produce items tailored to the precise specifications of a customer or a particular project. This process often involves various techniques and tools, such as welding, cutting, bending, and machining, to transform raw metal materials into finished products.

Custom Metal Parts Manufacturing Services

These custom metal fabrication and surface finishing processes offer a wide range of options for creating and enhancing metal parts to meet specific requirements, whether it’s for function, durability, appearance, or a combination of these factors. The choice of method depends on factors like material, part complexity, cost constraints, and the desired properties of the final product.
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CNC Machining

CNC Milling: Ideal for complex shapes and precise detailing.
CNC Turning: Suitable for cylindrical or symmetrical parts.

precision metal stamping

Sheet Metal Stamping

Thin metal sheets are cut, bent, and formed to create various components. Stamping uses dies to cut and shape the metal.

metal injection molding

Metal Injection Molding

Fine metal powders are mixed with a binder and injected into mold cavities, then heated to remove the binder and sinter the metal parts.

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Metal Casting

Molten metal is poured into a mold to form a part’s shape. Types include sand casting, investment casting, and die casting.

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Design and Engineering

Begins with the detailed design and engineering drawings: dimensions, materials, and specifications for the desired metal product.

Forming and Shaping

Metal pieces are then shaped and formed according to the design using processes like bending, rolling, and stamping.

Machining and Finishing

Additional machining processes, such as drilling, milling, or grinding. Surface treatments like painting, powder coating, or galvanizing.


Multiple fabricated metal components are assembled to create the final product. This may involve welding, bolting, or other joining methods.

Different Metal Materials

  • Steel: Strong, versatile, and widely used in construction and manufacturing. Types include carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and ideal for aerospace and automotive applications.
  • Copper: Excellent electrical conductivity, used in wiring and electrical components.
  • Brass: Corrosion-resistant alloy of copper and zinc, valued for its aesthetics and low friction.
  • Bronze: Durable alloy of copper and tin, often used in sculptures and bearings.
  • Titanium: High strength-to-weight ratio, used in aerospace, medical implants, and sports equipment.
  • Nickel: Resistant to corrosion and heat, essential in the chemical and aerospace industries.
  • Stainless Steel: Corrosion-resistant and hygienic, used in kitchen appliances and medical equipment.
  • Cast Iron: Heavy and brittle, used in construction, cookware, and engine components.
  • Lead: Dense and malleable, used for radiation shielding and batteries.
  • Zinc: Corrosion-resistant, used as a protective coating (galvanization) and in die-casting.
  • Magnesium: Lightweight and strong, used in aircraft and automotive parts.
  • Tungsten: Exceptionally high melting point, used in electrical filaments and heavy machinery.
  • Hastelloy: Corrosion-resistant alloy, vital in chemical processing.
  • Inconel: High-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloy, used in aerospace and nuclear industries.
  • Monel: Resistant to saltwater corrosion, used in marine and chemical applications.
  • Platinum: Highly durable and resistant to oxidation, used in jewelry and catalytic converters.
  • Gold: Malleable and ductile, valued in jewelry and electronics.
  • Silver: Excellent electrical conductivity, used in electrical contacts and jewelry.
  • Tin: Low melting point, used for soldering and as a protective coating.

Surface Finish Options for Metal Parts

Surface finish is the final process in the manufacturing operations. It can provide aesthetics to custom metal parts.

    • Electroplating
      A metal coating is applied to the part’s surface through electrolysis. Improves corrosion resistance and appearance.
    • Electroless Plating
      Similar to electroplating but without the need for an electric current. Provides uniform coating even on complex shapes.
    • Anodic Oxidation (Anodizing)
      Forms a protective oxide layer on aluminum surfaces, enhancing corrosion resistance and providing color options.
    • Chemical Treatment
      Chemical processes like passivation and pickling can clean, treat, or modify the surface of metal parts for improved properties.
    • Vacuum Plating
      A thin layer of metal is deposited onto the part’s surface in a vacuum chamber, creating a reflective or decorative finish.
    • Hot Dipping
      The part is immersed in a bath of molten metal, forming a uniform coating. Common for galvanizing steel parts.
    • Painting
      Surface coating with paint or powder coating for corrosion protection and aesthetics.
    • Thermal Spraying
      Uses heat to melt metal or ceramic materials, which are then sprayed onto the part’s surface to create a durable coating.

Applications of Custom Metal Parts

Custom metal parts are essential for industries and projects that require precision, durability, and specific material properties tailored to their unique needs. The ability to design and produce custom metal parts ensures that products and systems can be optimized for performance, safety, and efficiency. Applications of custom metal parts are diverse and span various industries.

Some common applications include:

    • Automotive Industry
      Custom metal parts are used in vehicle manufacturing for components like engine parts, brackets, chassis components, and exhaust systems. These parts often require precise machining and tolerances.
    • Aerospace Industry
      Aircraft and spacecraft rely on custom metal parts for critical components such as landing gear, turbine blades, structural components, and engine components. These parts must meet stringent quality and safety standards.
    • Manufacturing and Machinery
      Custom metal parts play a vital role in the production of industrial machinery and equipment. Examples include gears, shafts, bearings, and specialized tooling required for manufacturing processes.
    • Construction
      In construction, custom metal parts are used for structural components like beams, columns, and trusses. They are also used for architectural features, such as metal railings, gates, and decorative elements.
    • Electronics
      Custom metal parts are used in the electronics industry for enclosures, heat sinks, brackets, and connectors. These parts are often designed to dissipate heat efficiently and protect sensitive electronic components.
    • Medical Devices
      Precision custom metal parts are essential in the medical device industry for applications like orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment.
    • Oil and Gas
      Custom metal parts are used in the extraction, processing, and transportation of oil and gas. Examples include valves, flanges, and drilling equipment.
    • Energy Generation
      Components in power generation plants, including turbines, generators, and heat exchangers, often require custom metal parts designed for specific energy generation processes.
    • Food and Beverage Industry
      Custom metal parts are used in food processing equipment, such as conveyor systems, mixers, and packaging machinery. Stainless steel components are common due to their corrosion resistance.
    • Customized Prototyping
      Engineers and product designers use custom metal parts in prototype development and testing to validate designs before mass production. Rapid prototyping techniques like 3D printing can produce custom metal parts quickly and cost-effectively.
    • Art and Sculpture
      Artists and sculptors use custom metal parts to create unique and intricate sculptures and art installations, ranging from small decorative pieces to large outdoor installations.
    • Defense and Military
      Custom metal parts are used in the manufacturing of military vehicles, weaponry, and defense equipment, including specialized armor and components for military vehicles and aircraft.

Sungplastic Helps with Custom Metal Parts

We are a professional metal parts fabricator, including creating custom aluminum parts, custom steel parts, custom copper parts and so on.

Sungplastic is equipped with:
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Services (CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Metal 3D Printing…)
Wide Range of Metals and Custom Metal Materials
Modern Technological Equipment and Machinery
Professional Designers and Skilled Workers Teams
Market Competitive Price and Standard Quality Control to Metal parts
Capacities: Small or Large Metal Parts in small or Large Volume Production

Sungplastic’s new ideas and innovations are always ready for you with custom metal parts manufacturing. If you are preparing for custom metal parts manufacturing projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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