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On-time delivery (OTD) is a symbol of business reliability. It represents an enterprise’s ability to complete production tasks on time and fulfill its commitments to customers. However, on-time delivery is not just a time point, it also reflects the manufacturer’s processing and production capabilities. Through on-time delivery, companies not only build trust and reputation and increase customer satisfaction, but also ensure that products and services are available when needed, thereby reducing the risk of production stalls and schedule delays. On-time delivery is an important part of supply chain management. By achieving on-time delivery, manufacturers not only demonstrate their guarantee of quality and professionalism, but also demonstrate their firm commitment to customers.
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What Does On-Time Delivery (OTD) Mean?

On-time delivery is a vital performance indicator used to evaluate the operational efficiency and supply chain effectiveness of a company. While various organizations may calculate OTD differently, it is generally defined as the percentage of shipments that are delivered to customers on schedule compared to the total number of shipments ordered. For instance, if a supplier successfully delivers 9 out of 10 shipments as per the agreed-upon schedule, their OTD rate would be 90%. This metric provides suppliers with a means to evaluate their ability to consistently and effectively adhere to the specified delivery timelines for each customer, thereby gauging their operational performance.

Why is On-Time Delivery Critical?

The quality of a flawlessly manufactured product can lose its luster if it doesn’t arrive precisely when needed. On-time delivery is a deceptively simple yet profoundly significant metric that often flies under the radar but carries immense importance.

For both injection molding manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), meeting delivery commitments should be an unwavering priority. The repercussions of delayed deliveries are far-reaching, encompassing extended time-to-market, customer grievances, damage to reputation, strained supplier-OEM relationships, and, most critically, the risk of losing customers altogether.

Given these implications, it’s evident why OEMs seek plastic injection molding partners boasting a stellar and consistent OTD track record. Manufacturers who consistently achieve high OTD rates offer predictability, creating a dependable supply chain that OEMs can rely on. Furthermore, these manufacturers evolve into trusted collaborators, actively working alongside OEMs to develop innovative solutions. An excellent OTD record instills confidence in OEMs, knowing they have reliable partners they can count on.

How to Enhance On-Time Delivery?

Dedicated manufacturers continually seek avenues for enhancing OTD, and fortunately, there are numerous strategies to consider. A low OTD rate can stem from various issues, including supply chain bottlenecks, time-consuming processes, quality concerns, a lack of real-time data for decision-making, or sluggish delivery methods. To boost OTD, manufacturers should first pinpoint the specific issue(s) responsible for the subpar performance.

In many instances, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies serves as a prime starting point for OTD improvement. For instance, the automation of material handling through technologies like robots, cobots (collaborative robots), sorters, conveyors, and RFID scanners can significantly expedite processes. Additionally, some manufacturers integrate technologies such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning systems to enhance shipment tracking and monitoring. These tools not only enhance production efficiency by eliminating time-consuming steps and process bottlenecks but also enhance data visibility, culminating in a higher OTD rate—a win-win scenario benefiting both the OEM and the manufacturers.

Sungplastic’s On-Time Delivery Capabilities

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