Precision Automotive Plastics: Benefits Of Auto Plastic Parts

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The car industry uses high-precision plastic parts far beyond the obvious ones like dashboards and seats. While these sections provide some protection and visual appeal, a large chunk of a car’s performance and safety depends on the frequently hidden plastic components under the hood.

Surprisingly, the automotive industry uses approximately 40 different types of fundamental plastics and polymers. Given that almost one-third of the roughly 30,000 parts in a typical vehicle are composed of plastic, this diversity is hardly surprising.

It is important to remember that the four basic polymers polypropylene (PP), polyurethane (PU), polyamide (PA), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) account for around 70% of the materials used in automotive plastic components.
Collaboration with a reliable injection molding partner is key to efficiently utilizing these materials in automobile plastic design.

Precision automotive plastics molding

How Precision Automotive Plastics Benefits Auto Parts

An experienced injection molder’s knowledge of materials and insights into the automotive business are priceless. We make sure that the systems in which automotive plastic materials are used and the strict norms of traffic safety are adhered to.

Based on performance specifications, production procedures, and the geometry design of automotive parts, certified injection molders are skilled at selecting precision automotive plastics and the best polymers for use in the automobile industry. Several important advantages result from this improvement, including:

Safety and Crash Performance

Despite the recent innovations in automotive plastic components, safety remains the primary concern when selecting engine and drivetrain components. These precision automotive plastics must prove highly effective in minimizing vehicle intrusion, preventing crushing, and passing various other automotive safety tests. The plastic industry continues to innovate to keep pace with advancements in automotive safety.

Fuel Efficiency and Lightweighting

Unlike many metals, precision automotive plastics offer a combination of high rigidity and low weight. The ongoing development of new polymers enables OEMs to regularly replace heavy steel with lightweight precision automotive plastics components that enhance performance, reduce weight, and improve fuel efficiency. Additionally, precision automotive plastic components have the potential to enhance the performance of onboard crash avoidance and performance systems.

Weather and Wear Resistance

Many precision automotive plastics can endure extreme weather conditions, including intense sunlight, UV rays, rapid temperature fluctuations, and challenging wet and dry conditions—conditions that make metal impractical. Most plastic car parts can also withstand the significant wear and tear presented by rugged terrains.

Property Retention Over Temperature Range

The right precision automotive plastics can maintain their structural integrity over a wide temperature range, from -40°F to +200°F, without compromising performance. This makes them ideal for under-the-hood applications.


Compared to metal, precision automotive plastics components are usually more cost-effective due to the faster cycle times of the injection molding process. Additionally, color concentrates can be added to plastic stock before molding, eliminating the costly secondary operation of painting. Furthermore, a single injection-molded part eliminates welded joints and fasteners, reducing assembly complexity.

Moreover, automakers are increasingly committed to sustainability by partnering with suppliers who embrace low- or zero-waste initiatives and the use of recycled materials—objectives that are challenging to achieve with metals. Injection molders are thus tasked with refining their processes to reduce waste and incorporate recycling, contributing to a circular economy and effective cost management.

Compatibility With Mechanical Fasteners

Precision automotive plastics can seamlessly work with metal fasteners and connectors during automobile assembly. They provide load-bearing strength with elasticity, tight tolerances, and precision molding to fit into confined spaces within larger vehicular systems.

The prevalence of precision automotive plastics underscores the properties, protection, and advantages they offer. Collaborating with a custom injection molder to identify automotive plastic design opportunities and select appropriate polymers not only enhances the value of precision automotive plastics but also reduces the automotive industry’s reliance on metals.

Electrical Insulation

Plastics are excellent electrical insulators, making them suitable for electrical and electronic components in vehicles. They help prevent short circuits and ensure the safe and reliable operation of various systems, including wiring harnesses and connectors.


Rapid prototyping and tooling techniques for plastic components allow for cost-effective testing and validation of designs before committing to large-scale production.

Design Flexibility

Precision automotive plastics offer a high degree of design flexibility, allowing engineers to create complex and innovative shapes that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional materials like metal. This flexibility enables improved aerodynamics, space utilization, and aesthetics in vehicle design.


Plastics can be easily customized through coloration, texturing, and surface treatments, allowing automakers to differentiate their vehicles and meet specific branding or customer preferences.

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