Plastic Injection Molding Service for Slow Juicer

We often provide plastic injection molding service and components assembly for household appliances. Hope you enjoy this slow juicer case overview.

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Juicer Accessories: Plastic shell, plastic accessories, silicone parts, hardware accessories, motors, PCBA, cable plugs, etc.
Material:Estiman Tritan (BPA free), ABS (food grade silicone), food grade SUS304, S136H super mirror A grade plastic mold steel imported from Sweden, Sweden 718H mold steel.

About The Slow Juicer

Parameters: 220/110 V,Power 300W,Rated Frequency 50HZ, Working Decibel 62dB, Speed 37 cycle/minute, Length of power line 110cm.
Function: Use slow squeezing and grinding to extract fruit and vegetable juice to keep the original taste of the juice. It solved the pain points that the high-speed blade wall breaker easily caused juice oxidation and pulp mixing.
This juicer is not only suitable for a variety of fruits, but also a variety of vegetables. Orange juice, pear juice, apple juice, carrot juice, watermelon juice, celery juice, etc. can be easily operated.
Big gate, slow speed, avoid oxidisation and higher juice yield. The juicer is easy to play with, the performance is stable and no noise. It is a high-end home juicer that produces rich juice and vegetable juice.
slow juicer

About the Project

When the client’s team set up a project to develop a high-quality slow juicer, our company, as the main supplier, was first invited to participate in the product design discussion, feasibility analysis, rapid prototype manufacturing and verification. This is also the realization of the value of our professionalism and experience.

In order to ensure the smooth completion from manufacturing to functional realization, we must meet the following design and engineering specifications:

  • High-quality and high-strength plastic
  • Complies with safety regulations for food-grade materials
  • Resistant to cleaning products / dishwasher safe
  • high gloss finish
  • Professional motors and screws, benchmarking against international brands
  • Assembly accuracy and dynamic accuracy
Slow juicer manufacturer
The above requirements run through from design to verification to our subsequent smooth mass production. As with all of our projects, we maintain close collaboration with our clients from design review. Instead of only customizing a single plastic product, this customer asked us to propose a manufacturing solution for the entire juicer. This is a complicated project. For such a project that requires different materials and different processes, we focus not only on the injection molding part, but also on the production of other metal parts, assembly and adaptation, and ordering of motors and cables. The main manufacturing processes involved include injection molding, overmolding, and silicone molding.

As with our other projects, our team worked closely with the client to make many constructive design changes. This collaborative design and manufacturing process greatly saves development costs and enables the project to be completed efficiently.

Slow Juicer plastic injection molding service

Plastic Injection Molding Service Overview

Mold Design

The appearance of household electrical appliances is very important. When designing the mold, we must consider whether the parting line is suitable and whether the injection gate is beautiful. The shell parts of large electrical appliances generally use hot runners, and the internal parts use cold runners. The choice of mold runner is determined according to customer needs and product requirements. In this slow juicer project, the customer requested that the juice bowl and screw sleeve be made of Tritanus plastic, and the custom color is transparent black, so we used a hot runner to get a beautiful-looking plastic shell.

Selection of Tool Steel Material:

Because the surface of the mold cavities of the juice bowl and screw sleeve requires mirror polishing, we use S136H mold steel imported from Sweden with excellent polishing performance, excellent rust resistance and less heat treatment deformation. The screw inside the juicer also needs good finish and precision, so we also use S136H as the mold core steel. The body shell of the slow juicer needs UV coating, so we used regular 718H steel to make the mold.

Since the precision control of the mold processing process is very strict, the later mold assembly and adaptation are relatively easy. Our mold engineers only need to pay attention to the proper alignment of the parting surfaces after the mold core and mold base are assembled.

Mold Making

In order to assist customers to seize the market, our company has formulated a priority manufacturing plan. We control the eight sets of moulds required for the slow juicer to be completed within 5 weeks and deliver T1 samples to customers. For some simple parts we even molded them in three weeks. During this period, our mold engineers worked closely with the processing staff, and the production arrangement was very close.

Injection Molding Production

Our experienced injection molding technicians can customize different mold trial plans according to different materials, and get the best samples at the fastest speed.

In the follow-up mass production of plastic injection molding service, our QC will strictly follow the SOP requirements customized by the prenatal meeting, conduct quality review and control of the production process, and obtain high-quality plastic products.

Assembly Service

Sungplastic assembly department has multiple assembly lines, which can meet the assembly of many conventional products.

The assembly of the slow juicer also involves plastic ultrasonic welding assembly. We have three ultrasonic machines, which can well meet the layout of the production line. There are also screen printing equipment and pad printing machines. Material accessories are arranged on both sides of the assembly line. From materials into the assembly line to testing, packing and warehousing, we will also arrange multiple QC inspections along the line to ensure that the assembled products are in good condition.

Assembling the Slow Juicer

Material Procurement and Custom Packaging

Located in the manufacturing capital of China – Dongguan, which is very convenient for our outsourcing materials. PCBA and cable suppliers are half an hour away from us, which is convenient for our assembly production arrangement and progress control. The core component of the slow juicer – is the motor, we use the same motor as Huiren, the same supplier, and the same quality to ensure that the running quality of the juicer is comparable to the international first-line brands.
motor of slow juicer
Custom packaging is also a service we can assist customers with. Our company has long-term cooperative printing and packaging suppliers. As long as the customer provides the packaging requirements or AI design draft, we can quickly proof it for the customer to confirm. This supplier has passed GMI certification, BSCU certification, L’Oreal certification and environmental protection supply chain FSC-COC forest certification, so we are very assured of quality control.
colorful package customization

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We hope you enjoy this slow juicer case overview and may have gained some insights that can help you with your next project.
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