Injection Molding Quality Control

Our claim to quality is backed up with lots of proven performance. Use digital processes, scientific molding, and inspection reporting to manufacture quality parts consistently.

  • Manufacturing analysis
  • Scientific molding process
  • Critical to quality reporting

A Top Injection Molding Company

At Sungplastic, we are a leading injection molding company that takes great pride in delivering top-notch injection molded parts to our clients. Our collaborative approach prioritizes the success and satisfaction of our customers. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, as evidenced by our extensive experience.

Our commitment to quality is further bolstered by our substantial investment in a comprehensive quality management system. Several major manufacturers consider us a preferred supplier due to our track record of delivering conforming parts and materials without fail. Our technical team possesses an in-depth understanding of quality control, along with extensive training and mechanical inspection capabilities.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis

To consistently produce high-quality molded parts, a combination of in-process inspections, controls and dimensional verification after production is crucial. The initial step in ensuring the production of a quality molded part is designing it with the manufacturing process in mind. This is why we offer design analysis along with every injection molding quote.

By obtaining manufacturing analysis early in the molding process, costly redesigns can be avoided, development time can be saved, and the molding process can be simplified. Prior to placing your order, you will be informed if any changes are required in your design, get suggestions to enhance its moldability, and receive other valuable insights that will help you understand how the final part will be molded.

How our manufacturing analysis can improve the quality of injection-molded parts:

  • Identifies features with insufficient draft
  • Identifies thick walls
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Select gate location
  • Select ejector pin location
plastic mold injection gates 1

Inspection of Incoming Materials

Sungplastic ensures the quality of all purchased products that are utilized in our final products through a meticulous technical Quality Control (Q.C.) inspection process. Additionally, we maintain a record of material certifications for all incoming shipments of thermoplastic resins.

Production Monitoring & Verification

During the production cycle, plastic injected molded components and assemblies undergoes thorough checks to ensure they meet all necessary specifications. These verification and inspection processes typically involve conducting dimensional, functional, and/or destructive tests.

Scientific Molding: New Part Qualification

Before a new part can be released to production, it goes through a qualification process that varies in intensity depending on customer requirements, engineering complexity and quality constraints. The qualification methods may include some or all of the following:

  • First article inspection
  • Process capability atudy
  • Pre-production runs to produce a limited number of samples
  • Production part approval process (PPAP)
  • ECN release to production after customer approval

Measurement & Testing

Our Inspection Lab features state-of-the-art equipment to ensure compliance with the most demanding part and assembly specifications and tolerances:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with Quadra-Check 5000 3D software.
  • Additional standard measuring/testing devices such as 2D detector, projector, calipers, micrometers, thread & height gages, surface plates, etc.
quality control of lenses

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