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Plastic surface finish is to change the properties of the product surface by using processes such as spraying, polishing, and plating to improve its corrosion resistance, wear resistance, appearance, conductivity and other characteristics. This not only extends the product’s service life and improves its performance, but also increases its market appeal. Typically, manufacturers utilize plastic finishes to improve the final appearance of their products. This article will detail four common types of plastic finishes: shiny plastic finishes, semi-gloss plastic finishes, matte plastic finishes and dull plastic finishes. If you’d like to learn more about plastic surface finishes, check out our related articles.

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Types of Plastic Finishes

Plastic finishes serve as essential tools for fabricators, offering the means to enhance a product’s aesthetic appeal while minimizing imperfections or molding lines. These finishes are categorized into different grades by the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI), which has classified them into twelve distinct grades, spanning from a mirror-like shine to a subdued matte. In essence, these plastic finishes can be broadly categorized into four primary types, each with its own set of unique characteristics and applications. Let’s explore these types in greater detail.

Shiny Plastic Finishes

Within this category, we find finishes denoted as A-1, A-2, and A-3. Each of them exudes a remarkable smoothness and a high level of shine, with A-1 standing out as it achieves a mirror-like finish. Shiny plastic finishes are achieved through the use of diamond powder suspended in an oil solution. Shiny plastic finishes are frequently employed in the production of plastic mirrors and various optical components.

Semi-Gloss Plastic Finishes

Semi-gloss plastic finishes are achieved through the utilization of various grit papers, imparting a degree of smoothness that falls between the glossy and matte finishes. In this category, we encounter grades B-1, B-2, and B-3, each offering a slightly varied level of polish, ranging from medium to medium-low shine. These finishes are versatile and find application in a range of contexts, suitable for both exterior surfaces and parts requiring a smoother, more refined appearance. They strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, making them a popular choice in various manufacturing and design scenarios.

Matte Plastic Finishes

Matte and dull plastic finishes serve a specific purpose, predominantly applied to diecast and thermoset parts. These finishes are achieved through the use of fine stone powder, which imparts a non-reflective, subdued appearance to the surfaces. Within the matte finishes category, we encounter a range of subtlety, denoted as C-1, C-2, and C-3.

Matte finishes are sought after for their ability to minimize light reflection, making them suitable for applications where glare or shine reduction is essential. These finishes offer a softer, more understated aesthetic compared to their glossier counterparts, and their versatility extends across various industries, including automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.

Dull Plastic Finishes

Dull plastic finishes are unique in their creation, involving processes such as sandblasting to achieve surfaces that can range from satin to completely devoid of shine. Falling on the lower end of the polish spectrum, these finishes are generally rougher and less polished than other grades. They are typically applied to internal components within products or used when a deliberately less refined, more tactile surface is desired.

Dull finishes, known for their textural qualities, cater to industries where aesthetics might be secondary to factors like grip, wear resistance, or light diffusion. These finishes provide a contrast to the shinier counterparts, offering a distinct tactile experience and are often favored for products where the touch and feel of the surface matter as much as the visual appeal.

Outstanding Plastic Surface Finish Services—Sungplastic

Sungplastic is a professional plastic molding manufacturer, we provide diversified plastic finishing options and professional plastic surface finish services. Plastic finishes can directly impact a product’s visual appeal, quality, performance and user experience. Proper finishes not only enhance a product’s marketability but also reduce the visibility of imperfections and mold lines while improving the product’s characteristics. Here are some guidelines to start with when choosing the right plastic finish:

    • Shiny Plastic Finishes: Shiny plastic finishes are suitable for products that require a high degree of reflection and gloss, such as mirrors, optical components and decorative items.
    • Semi-Gloss Plastic Finishes: These finishes are intermediate in appearance between gloss and matte and are suitable for many applications, including exterior product surfaces and parts that require a smoother finish.
    • Matte Plastic Finishes: These finishes reduce reflection and are suitable for products that need to reduce light reflection, such as displays, lighting fixtures or any application where light interference may occur.
    • Dull Plastic Finishes: Typically used for internal parts or products that require a rougher, more natural material appearance. These finishes provide increased grip and reduced light reflection.

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