Top 10 Excellent Micro Molding Companies


Micro molding is a specialized manufacturing process that involves producing small, intricate components with high precision. These micro components, known as micro molded parts, find applications in industries such as medical devices, electronics, and automotive.

Micro molding companies play a crucial role in meeting the demand for miniaturized and complex parts, utilizing advanced technologies and expertise to achieve exceptional quality and accuracy.

Today, we will introduce ten micro molding companies and showcase the micro molded parts manufacturing capabilities of leading companies. Read more and discover the micro injection molding solutions offered by these industry pioneers.

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List of Micro Molding Companies

  • MTD Micro Molding
  • Makuta, Inc.
  • Sungplastic
  • WestFall Technik
  • Isometric Micro Molding, Inc.
  • Veejay Plastic
  • Accumold
  • Stamm AG
  • Sovrin Plastics
  • Dinesol Plastics, Inc.

1.MTD Micro Molding

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Type of Business: Medical Micro Molding.
Location: MA, USA.
History: Since 1972.
Key Products & Service: Micro Part Design, Micro Tooling, Micro Molding, Micro Metrology, Micro Packaging, Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

MTD excels as expert problem solvers in the field of medical micro molding, with FDA registration and ISO 13485:2016 certification. Serving as your comprehensive single-source manufacturer, they specialize in validated production, ensuring a swift speed to market.

Whether it’s overmolded electrodes or bioabsorbable implants, MTD is at the forefront of manufacturing minimally invasive devices and micro molding medical components using high-performance polymers. Their commitment lies in maintaining precise tolerances and critical features throughout the process.

Explore their micro molding Process, which spans from meticulous material selection to the delivery of fully assembled devices. With MTD, you can trust in a guarantee of 100% micro moulding, 100% medical, and 100% in-house manufacturing.

As one of remarkable micro molding companies, their comprehensive services cover micro materials, micro part design, micro tooling, micro molding, micro metrology, and micro packaging, showcasing the dedication to excellence in every aspect of the micro molding industry.

2.Makuta, Inc.

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Type of Business: Micro Molding for Small Parts.
Location: IN, USA.
History: Since 1996.
Key Products & Service: Custom Automation Manufacturing, Precision Micro Molding, Two-Shot &Micro Molding, High Temperature Molding, High-Performance Prototypes Creation.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Makuta specializes in micro molding of small-sized parts and provides micro mold tooling services. Their capabilities in micro injection molding encompass various techniques such as clean-room molding, high-temperature molding, thin-wall molding, two-shot molding, and over-molding. They take pride in our ability to design and custom-build high-precision plastic injection molds that can hold tolerances as small as ±5 microns. At Makuta, they go beyond meeting specifications and continuously strive to improve the products to better satisfy the customers’ needs. Their commitment to quality means delivering defect-free parts to our customers, on time, every time.

As a 24/7 plastic injection micro molding facility, Makuta prioritizes quality assurance. They utilize proprietary production monitoring systems to ensure zero defects in high-volume part production on a daily basis. Makuta, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified and audited to ISO 13485 medical as well as class 8 clean room certified. We are the only micro injection micro moulding company in the world that is certified to manufacture products made with DuPont™ Vespel® materials.

As one of premium micro molding companies, Makuta leverages advanced Sumitomo all-electric injection machines, enabling to achieve new milestones in precision, energy efficiency, and overall productivity. These machines enhance cooling efficiency, optimize energy management, and enable us to achieve faster cycle times, further enhancing their micro moulding manufacturing capabilities.


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Type of Business: Micro Injection Molding.
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong province, China.
History: Over 20 years.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Moulding, Overmolding, Insert Molding, Rapid Prototyping, Precision Micro Moulding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Sungplastic, a Chinese plastic injection molding factory with over two decades of expertise, is dedicated to rapid prototyping, plastic injection moulding production, injection micro molding and plastic mold fabrication. As one of highly experienced micro molding companies, our focus lies in custom micro and small plastic molded parts across diverse sectors, including electronics, automotive, consumer products, and the medical industry. With a remarkable proficiency in producing plastic micro injection molded products and insert moulding parts with precise tolerances and exceptionally high surface finishes, Sungplastic stands out in the plastic injection moulding industry.

As premier plastic injection molded products manufacturer, we specialize in working with engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics, modified plastics, and composites to create tailor-made molded plastic components. Our commitment extends to meeting specific requirements such as chemical resistance, flexural strength, durometer, and yield strength.

Drawing on a wealth of professional contract injection molding knowledge and production experience, Sungplastic has proudly served numerous countries and established brands worldwide as a trusted plastic injection moulding fabricator.

4.WestFall Technik

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Type of Business: Micro Molding.
Location: NV, USA.
History: Over 45 years.
Key Products & Service: Micro Moulding, Precision Molding, Tooling, Design, Prototyping, Mold Manufacturing.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

WestFall has revolutionized the industry by surpassing traditional technologies that have been in use for the past 45 years. As the new leader in micro manufacturing, particularly micro-injection molding, WestFall provides customers with enhanced scalability, faster time-to-market, reduced scrap rates, and improved efficiency. They offer a streamlined approach, managing and integrating projects from prototyping to customer tray and packaging directly from the molding machine. Their proprietary MHS Micro Molding System enables direct-gated micro molding of high-value resin, while all development is conducted in-house at a single site. As one of remarkable micro molding companies, they specialize in high-speed and high-precision micro molding, offering comprehensive injection mold manufacturing services, including design, prototyping, and tooling. With a focus on tight tolerances and high-volume multi-cavity molds, WestFall’s passion lies in delivering excellence. We utilize our in-house Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15t micro molding machine for sample capabilities, ensuring the highest standards for tiny parts.

5.Isometric Micro Molding, Inc.

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Type of Business: Micro Moulding.
Location: WI, USA.
History: Over 45 years.
Key Products & Service: 3D Micro Printing, Micro Molding, Micro Tooling, Micro Automated Assembly, CT Scanning.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. is a renowned pioneer in innovative micro molding & micro automation, offering exceptional solutions for small parts with micro features and/or tight tolerances. With over 30 years of experience, they have established ourselves as the largest and fastest-growing micro molder in North America, specializing in medical-focused applications.

Their unparalleled in-house micro manufacturing capabilities encompass a wide range of cutting-edge advancements. We excel in extreme thin wall molding, enabling the creation of less invasive devices. Their precision molding techniques facilitate micro functionality for medical technology advancements in limited spaces. They achieve true part miniaturization, molding components smaller than a resin pellet. Additionally, they successfully fill high aspect ratio flow lengths, achieve molding with virtually no draft, and maintain unimaginably tight tolerances. Their assembly positional accuracy reaches an impressive 2 microns, while their functional surface technology empowers the creation of micro holes, microfluidics, true sharps, and micro barbs. They can handle parts up to 7″ (177.8 mm) in size with micro features and/or tight tolerances.

At Isometric Micro Molding, they have earned the trust of our clients as one of reliable micro molding companies. Their expertise extends to various industries, including medical devices, drug delivery devices, diabetes, microfluidics, optics, and more. They are proficient in molding all thermoplastics, including long-term implantable, bioresorbable, fluoropolymers, and LSR resins. Their capabilities cover thin wall molding, micro features, micro-sized parts, tight tolerances, insert molding, over-molding, 2-shot molding, and micro automated assembly projects. Choose Isometric Micro Molding as your trusted partner for high-precision micro molding solutions and micro molded products fabrication.

6.Veejay Plastic

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Type of Business: Precision Micro Molding.
Location: USA .
History: Over 40 years.
Key Products & Service: Custom Precision Plastic Injection Molding, Micro Molding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Miniature Molding, Custom Micro Injection Moulding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

With a proven track record spanning 40 years, Veejay Plastic Injection Molding Company proudly stands as a leading supplier of precision custom plastic injection molded parts in the United States. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified by our highly customizable machines and tooling, allowing to meet your specific requirements for part shape, size, material, and volume.

At Veejay Plastic, they harness our cutting-edge engineering ingenuity and customized plastic injection molding solutions to bring your project to life. As one of the industry-leading micro molding companies, their expertise lies in micro molding, over molding, insert molding, miniature molding, and custom micro injection molding.

Setting themselves apart, they are one of the select few American firms proficient in utilizing highly engineered new-age materials such as PEEK, ULTEM, Vectra, and ZENITE (liquid crystal polymer). In addition, they possess the capabilities to meet part specifications using conventional thermoplastic resins.

As a CCR and ORCA registrant with the Federal Government, they are qualified to collaborate with you as a vendor for government projects, as well as work with commercial and industrial vendors.


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Type of Business: Custom Micro Molding.
Location: Iowa, USA.
History: Since 1985.
Key Products & Service: Custom Micro Moulding, Micro Mold and Small Mold Making, Insert/Lead Frame Molding, 2-Shot Micro Molding, In-House Micro Molding Tooling & Production, Automation & Packaging.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Since its establishment in 1985, Accumold has been a prominent leader in the micro molding industry, renowned for its commitment to excellence. The company has earned widespread admiration for its exceptional ability to manufacture extremely small components. This expertise is built upon their proprietary Micro-Mold® technology, which guarantees the production of injection-molded parts with unparalleled precision and accelerated production rates. Accumold’s remarkable capabilities shine through in their creation of intricate components tailored specifically for the medical, electronics, and advanced technology sectors.

As one of the most responsible micro molding companies, Accumold’s dedication to micro-scale production is unwavering, ensuring uncompromising ultra-precision. The company specializes in fabricating parts that meet the most demanding requirements, with tolerances measured in mere microns.

However, Accumold’s expertise extends beyond the intricacies of small-scale production, demonstrating their forward-thinking approach to manufacturing. They showcase their advanced manufacturing insight through the implementation of an innovative dual-material injection molding process, seamlessly executed within a single mold cycle. This cutting-edge technique exemplifies their visionary capabilities and sophisticated mastery in the field of micro molding.

8.Stamm AG

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Type of Business: Precision Micro Moulding.
Location: Switzerland.
History: Since 1962.
Key Products & Service: Micro Injection Moulding, Precision Injection Moulding, Mould Design & Engineering, Mould Making, Hybrid Components Moulding, Multi Component Moulding, Thin-Wall Injection Moulding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

STAMM AG is a renowned leader in the field of injection molding technologies, known for its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. With a blend of rich heritage and a forward-thinking approach, they are the ideal partner for tailor-made solutions that exemplify precision and exceptional performance.

Their expertise in precision injection molding is unmatched, developed over three decades of dedicated practice in creating components with extraordinary precision, fine tolerances, and controlled shot weights. As one of strong micro molding companies, they consistently produce parts with accuracies as tight as ±0.01mm and a weight range spanning from 0.01g to 150g. In the realm of micro-injection molding, they stand out by manufacturing components in large quantities that defy traditional weight limitations, delving into the microgram range.

Furthermore, STAMM AG’s capabilities extend beyond the realm of miniature components. They excel in the fabrication of hybrid components, ingeniously combining different materials to create multifaceted solutions that satisfy both aesthetic and functional requirements. Their expertise in multi-component molding is unparalleled, incorporating sophisticated technologies such as rotary tables, index plate systems, and core-back processes. Each of these techniques is meticulously customized to meet the intricate tooling needs of their esteemed clientele.

Choose STAMM AG as your trusted partner for injection molding solutions that push the boundaries of precision and innovation.

9.Sovrin Plastics

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Type of Business: Bespoke Micro Molding.
Location: UK.
History: Since 1967.
Key Products & Service: Micro Injection Moulding, Cleanroom Injection Moulding, Plastic Injection Moulding of Precision Components, Medical Device Assembly & Packing, Mould Tool Manufacture, Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

With an impressive legacy spanning over 50 years, Sovrin Plastics has established itself as a leader in the field of injection molding. As one of excellent micro molding companies, their unwavering dedication to precision micro molded parts permeates their specialized work in the medical, electronics, and engineering sectors.

At the core of Sovrin’s corporate philosophy lies the rigorous application of lean 6 sigma principles, showcasing their unwavering commitment to operational efficiency and unmatched quality standards. With a team of 140 dedicated specialists and a fleet of 52 state-of-the-art molding machines, Sovrin is at the forefront of fabricating intricate components. This expertise is particularly evident in their pivotal role within the healthcare industry, where they have been instrumental for over three decades.

Sovrin’s production operations are meticulously carried out within controlled Class 7 & 8 Cleanrooms, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness necessary for manufacturing medical-grade products. Embracing technological advancements, Sovrin stays at the forefront by utilizing pioneering materials, including bio-absorbable and conductive polymers, to drive innovations in medical and electronic product development.

Choose Sovrin Plastics as your trusted partner for injection molding solutions that combine decades of expertise, operational excellence, and a commitment to advancing technology in the medical and electronics sectors.

10.Dinesol Plastics, Inc.

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Type of Business: Custom Micro Molding Manufacturer.
Location: OH, USA.
History: Since 1976.
Key Products & Service: Micro Injection Molding, High Pressure Injection Molding, Rotary 2 Shot Injection Molding, Gas Assist Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Injection Over Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Dinesol Plastics has been a trusted provider of thermoplastic solutions since 1976, serving customers globally. Their dedicated team is committed to offering comprehensive solutions at every stage of our partners’ development process. With extensive resources at their disposal, including nearly 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and logistics service space, 4,000,000 lbs of rail and silo support, and a range of 50 ultra-modern injection molding machines from 17 tons to 3000 tons, they are well-equipped to meet diverse needs. Their operations adhere to ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring high operational standards.

As one of the strongest micro molding companies, they specialize in micro molding services catering to a wide range of industries, including automotive, appliance, hardware, healthcare, marine, electronics, toy, newspaper, building, and construction. Their expertise extends to various materials such as acetal, nylon, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, HDPE, and LDPE. We offer a comprehensive set of capabilities, including rotary 2-shot, gas assist, insert molding, and injection over-molding services. Whether you require prototypes or high-volume production, we can accommodate your needs. Our secondary services encompass assembly, design, product development, and engineering support.

Dinesol Plastics serves clients in automotive, appliance, hardware, healthcare, marine, electronics, toy, newspaper, building, and construction industries. They adhere to military specifications, ASTM, ASME, and ANSI standards, ensuring compliance and quality. Their operations are RoHS compliant and FDA approved, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of our products. They accept blanket orders and provide emergency and rush services to meet urgent timelines.

Choose Dinesol Plastics as your trusted partner for reliable and comprehensive thermoplastic solutions backed by decades of experience and a commitment to excellence.


Precision is of utmost importance when selecting a partner for micro injection molding. Prominent players in this field leverage state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture components that meet the most rigorous standards. These micro molding companies, equipped with advanced precision equipment, ensure exceptional accuracy for intricate micro components. Moreover, they possess the flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of various industries. Choosing such a partner enables clients to seamlessly transition from conceptual design to full-scale production, all backed by a commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

Sungplastic been focusing on plastic injection molding and micro-injection molding for 20 years. Consult us and you will get the most comprehensive micro parts injection molding manufacturing services.

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