Top 10 Premium Insert Molding Suppliers


Thermoplastic material is molded around an insert part or pieces that are inserted in the plastic injection molding chamber in this procedure, which creates an integrated assembly that is strongly connected and has the insert or inserts contained by the plastic. Inserts can be made of almost any material that can survive the plastic injection molding process, including metal, plastic, and ceramic materials.

Insert molding is a specialized molding technique where metal or plastic inserts are encapsulated with molten resin, creating strong and integrated components. These insert molded parts find applications in various industries, including automotive, electronics, and medical devices.

Here, we will introduce you to a selection of reputable insert molding suppliers. Join us as we delve into the world of insert molding and discover the innovative solutions offered by these industry-leading suppliers. As experts in creating custom plastic inserts, they have many years of insert molding experience. Continue reading to unlock the potential of insert molding technology.

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List of Insert Molding Suppliers

  • Ferriot Inc.
  • Bemis Manufacturing Company
  • Sungplastic
  • LTM Plastics
  • Molded Device Inc.
  • HiTech Plastics and Molds
  • Veejay Plastic
  • AIM Processing
  • PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.
  • Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding, Inc.

1.Ferriot Inc.

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Type of Business: Insert Molding Manufacturer.
Location: Ohio, USA.
History: Since 1929.
Key Products & Service: Custom Injection Molding, Part & Mold Design and Engineering, Custom Mold Making, Insert Molding, Over Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Ferriot Inc. is a comprehensive provider of custom injection molding services for engineered resins, delivering full-service solutions. Established in 1929 and privately held, the company is home to over 150 employees, including experienced engineers and skilled technicians in the manufacturing and injection molding industry.

Operating as a contract injection molding manufacturer, Ferriot excels in engineering, product design, custom molding, sub- and finished assembly, ensuring timely delivery of components and finished products across major industries. This supplier of contract injection molding products effectively streamlines the entire manufacturing process, encompassing supply-line development, process qualification, product testing, and final assembly, up to drop shipping.

Ferriot Inc. specializes in insert moulding manufacturing, particularly for the medical industry, providing enclosures and encasements for medical equipment. Their expertise extends to unique solutions for consumer products, medical products, electronics, business machines, industrial applications, and more.

With a flexible and adaptable manufacturing approach, Ferriot tailors on-time production to diverse needs, accommodating short runs on assemblies with multiple parts and insert molded parts.

2.Bemis Manufacturing Company

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Type of Business: Insert Injection Molding.
Location: USA.
History: Since 1901.
Key Products & Service: Engineering, Injection Molding, Large Part Molding, Insert Injection Molding, Co-Injection Molding, Overmolding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

As innovators in plastic injection molding technology, they possess the ability to integrate multiple processes, creating solutions that surpass the capabilities of traditional molders. With extensive experience in adapting and developing innovative methods to advance customer objectives, they have become industry pioneers, consistently delivering molded plastic parts and molded inserts of exceptional quality and performance.

Located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, the Bemis Manufacturing Company is a renowned American entity recognized for its toilet seat products. In addition to this, Bemis manufactures a diverse range of products, including plastic lawn, commercial, and indoor furniture, suction canisters, sharps containers, fluid management systems, gas caps, gauges, and various extrusion and injection molded plastic components for notable companies like John Deere and Whirlpool Corporation. Notably, the company is a pioneer in co-injection molding and custom insert moulding, a process that involves injecting virgin resin with scrap plastic.

The Bemis Contract Group is dedicated to assisting leading brands in maintaining their competitive edge through innovation, tenacity, and proven expertise in custom plastic injection molding and bespoke insert moulding, delivering added value to its customers.


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Type of Business: Insert Molding Supplier.
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong province, China.
History: Over 20 years.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Moulding, Overmolding, Insert Molding, Rapid Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Sungplastic, a Chinese plastic injection molding factory with over two decades of expertise, is dedicated to rapid prototyping, plastic injection moulding production, and plastic mold fabrication. Our focus lies in custom plastic injection molding parts across diverse sectors, including electronics, automotive, consumer products, and the medical industry. With a remarkable proficiency in producing plastic injection molded products and insert moulding parts with precise tolerances and exceptionally high surface finishes, Sungplastic stands out in the plastic injection moulding industry.

As premier plastic injection molded products manufacturer, we specialize in working with engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics, modified plastics, and composites to create tailor-made molded plastic components. Our commitment extends to meeting specific requirements such as chemical resistance, flexural strength, durometer, and yield strength.

Drawing on a wealth of professional contract injection molding knowledge and production experience, Sungplastic has proudly served numerous countries and established brands worldwide as a trusted plastic injection moulding fabricator.

4.LTM Plastics

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Type of Business: Insert Moulding.
Location: USA.
History: Established in 1997.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Molding, Industrial Design, Transfer Tooling, Part Design and Tool Engineering, Insert Molding, and Over Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

LTM Plastics distinguishes itself as a contract molder and plastic molding company specializing in mid-to-high volume production, renowned for its dedication to collaboration, competence, and the delivery of top-tier plastic components. Operating as a Quick Response Manufacturer (QRM), they exhibit the agility to customize internal systems for a diverse array of projects.

They are an ideal choice for evolving enterprises seeking to introduce new product lines or aiming to fortify their existing supply chain with a reliable molder based in the United States.

Their approach involves close collaboration with clients to craft tailored solutions that address unique requirements. Drawing on extensive experience in plastic injection molding and insert injection molding, they excel in producing high-quality products that not only meet rigorous standards but also demonstrate efficiency on the manufacturing line. Additionally, their capabilities often extend to providing full assembly services at the press. Their operation is designed to cater to companies of varying sizes, serving clients with production needs ranging from as few as 10,000 parts to well over 1 million parts annually.

5.Molded Devices Inc.

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Type of Business: Custom Insert Molding Supplier.
Location: CA, USA.
History: Since 1963.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Mold Design and Tooling Engineering, Blow Molding, Dip Molding, Tube Extrusion, Assembly.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Molded Devices Inc. (MDI) has positioned itself as a prominent entity in the plastics processing industry, earning acclaim for its diverse range of processes. The company provides plastic dip molding, dip coating, rubber dip molding, custom insert moulding, custom plastic injection molding, thin-wall blow molding, extrusion, rapid prototyping, and various value-added services, including decorating and assembly.

MDI stands out by maintaining a dedicated facility for engineering and design, making it one of the few plastics companies capable of offering such an extensive array of plastic molding and rubber processing solutions. The incorporation of custom plastic injection molding and other personalized services enables MDI to cater to the unique needs of its clients. Additionally, being a plastic molding company with significant production capacity, MDI can achieve substantial cost savings for larger orders through economies of scale.

A noteworthy feature of MDI’s expanding services is its assembly capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for customers who prefer integrated assembly over assembling multiple parts at their own operations. This holistic approach solidifies MDI’s position as an industry leader in plastics processing.

6.HiTech Plastics and Molds

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Type of Business: Bespoke Insert Molding.
Location: CA, USA.
History: Started in 1984.
Key Products & Service: Custom Injection Molding, 2-Shot Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Mold Building, Prototype Production, Assembly, Packaging, Secondary Services.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

HiTech Plastics and Molds distinguishes itself through its provision of top-tier engineering and extensive expertise in US-based manufacturing solutions. The company’s services encompass mold building, repair, insert moulding manufacturing and custom injection molding of thermoplastic parts. HiTech excels in overseeing all facets of the plastics side during product launches and ongoing molding requirements, utilizing advanced techniques and ERP software for optimal manufacturing practices.

At HiTech, a commitment to high standards is evident, consistently delivering precise and quality thermoplastic injection molded parts. The leadership team, boasting over a century of combined experience in custom plastic molding, takes pride in serving diverse industries, including Defense, Medical, Computer & Electronics, Irrigation, Consumer, and Automotive.

As a frontrunner in injection molding and inserts molding manufacturing, HiTech effectively manages both engineering materials and commodity-based plastic resins. The company offers an extensive range of molded products, covering common materials like PP, HDPE, HIPS, and ABS, as well as more exotic options such as Xenoy, Ultem, PEEK, and TPU/TPV materials.

7.Veejay Plastic

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Type of Business: Precision Insert Molding.
Location: USA .
History: Over 40 years.
Key Products & Service: Custom Precision Plastic Injection Molding, Micro Molding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Miniature Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PC, PVC and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

With a remarkable 40-year history, Veejay Plastic Injection Molding Company stands as a prominent precision custom plastic injection molded parts and insert molding part supplier in the United States. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their highly customizable machines and tooling, allowing us to meet your specific requirements for part shape, size, material, and volume.

At Veejay Plastic, they leverage their cutting-edge engineering expertise to deliver exceptional results for your project. Their specialized capabilities include micro molding, over molding, insert molding, miniature molding, and custom micro injection molding.

Setting them apart from others, they possess rare proficiency in working with advanced and highly engineered materials like PEEK, ULTEM, Vectra, and ZENITE (liquid crystal polymer). Additionally, they have the capabilities to fulfill part requirements using conventional thermoplastic resins. By choosing Veejay Plastic, you can rely on their expertise and dedication to deliver top-quality custom plastic injection molding solutions tailored to your specific needs.

8.AIM Processing

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Type of Business: Plastic Insert Moulding.
Location: Colorado, USA.
History: Established in 1993.
Key Products & Service: Injection Moulding, Small Parts Injection Molding, Insert Molding And Overmolding, Tooling, Secondary Service.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

AIM Processing is a custom plastic injection moulding factory and one of premium insert molding suppliers. They provide ongoing support to clients in a range of industries, such as electronics, medical, automotive, industrial, and performance sporting goods, both locally and internationally.

They specialize in small plastic injection moulding components that are easier to manufacture, more cost-effective, and more productive for their clients. Their first goal is to guarantee that perfect molded parts are produced on schedule.

They are registered under ISO 9001 and welcome in-depth customer inspections. They have been providing competitive pricing and plastic injection molded parts that precisely meet requirements and expectations for over 25 years, thanks to their employment of top plastics specialists.

9.PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.

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Type of Business: Plastic Insert Molding.
Location: Michigan, USA.
History: Since 1984.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Contract Injection Molding, Prototype Creation, Low Volume Molding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Cleanroom Molding, Scientific Molding, High Temperature Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

PTI Engineered Plastics stands as a leading American injection molder and one of extraordinary insert molding suppliers. As a versatile service provider in plastic injection molding, PTI serves the medical, defense/aerospace, and commercial/consumer products sectors. Their custom injection moulding services span from low to mid-volume quantities, covering projects ranging from simple to intricate, including prototypes to full-scale production, with a commitment to delivering high-quality molded plastic products.

Located in their state-of-the-art 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility, PTI features 4,000 square feet of ISO Class 8 Cleanroom and an additional 5,000 square feet of controlled environment. These areas provide comprehensive customized contract injection molding services, assembly, and packaging services. PTI goes beyond standard molding services by offering value-added services such as ultrasonic welding, EMI shielding, pad printing, laser marking, and more. Their expertise extends to IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocol and the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), ensuring stringent quality standards are maintained throughout the entire contract injection molding processing process.

10.Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding, Inc.

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Type of Business: Insert Molding Parts Manufacturer.
Location: CA, USA.
History: Over 35 Years.
Key Products & Service: Custom Plastic Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Over Molding, Blow Molding, Mold Design and Making, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Extrusion Molding, Rotational Molding, etc.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding, Inc. specializes in providing custom plastic injection molding, insert moulding part manufacturing and blow molding services catering to a wide range of industries. Their comprehensive approach at Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding covers every aspect of the molding process, encompassing part evaluation, tool design, prototyping, tool making, sampling, and the production of top-quality finished parts. Their success is rooted in a steadfast commitment to product quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service, fostering strong and enduring relationships.

As one of remarkable insert molding suppliers, whether your needs involve intricate technical inserts for medical, aerospace, military, or scientific applications, or precision components for luxury inserts, the molds designed and built by Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding consistently exhibit high precision.

Boasting over 35 years of experience, their dedicated team possesses a wealth of technical and practical knowledge in mold design and building, as well as plastic part injection. The collective expertise of their team ensures the delivery of high-quality products to clients. In some instances, the parts they manufacture adhere to tolerances as tight as ±0.001 inch, maintaining a rejection rate of less than one-half percent.


The above are ten very experienced and capable insert molding suppliers who are committed to providing high-quality insert molding parts and providing one-stop services to customers. After years of manufacturing, they have become proficient in insert molding technology and have introduced innovative technical talents, imaginative and creative designers and engineers. They are committed to taking ownership of your insert moulding project, delivering consistent service from design to final product.

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