Top 10 Strong Injection Molding Companies


Injection molding is a highly versatile manufacturing process used to produce plastic components with precision and efficiency. It involves injecting molten plastic material into a mold cavity, allowing it to cool and solidify, resulting in the desired shape.

At the forefront of this industry are top-tier custom plastic injection molding companies in the below introduction. Renowned for their commitment to precision, innovation, and quality, they have earned a stellar reputation. Their state-of-the-art facility, combined with the expertise of their experienced professionals, empowers them to create intricate plastic components using advanced molding techniques.

With a focus on meeting diverse client needs, these injection molding companies consistently deliver excellence. Their dedication to precision ensures that each component meets the highest standards, while their innovative approach drives continuous improvement and customized solutions. As a trusted partner, they provide the expertise and capabilities to bring clients’ ideas to life, delivering exceptional results every time.

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List of Injection Molding Companies

  • Robust Plastics GmbH
  • SyBridge Technologies
  • Sungplastic
  • Four Process Ltd.
  • Alwin Manufacturing
  • GSH Industries, Inc.
  • Abtec, Inc.
  • Natech Plastics
  • Ferriot Inc.
  • RevPart

1.Robust Plastics GmbH

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Type of Business: Plastic Injection Manufacturer.
Location: Austria.
History: Started in 1874.
Key Products & Service: Tool Design & Construction, Injection Molding, Assembling & Finishing.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PC, PVC and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

As a member of the EWF Invest Group, Robust Plastics manufactures sophisticated, premium custom mold and plastic injection molding products for automotive, technical parts, and industrial packaging applications.

As one of strong injection molding companies, their plastic injection molding production expertise is complemented by a wide range of services, including just-in-time delivery, tool design, and new plastic injection molding product development. The utmost quality, customer satisfaction, and service orientation are prioritized. They hold certifications in accordance with IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

2.SyBridge Technologies

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Type of Business: Custom Plastic Part Injection Molding.
Location: Michigan, USA.
History: Established in 2019.
Key Products & Service: Injection Molding, Design & Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Tooling, CNC machining, 3D Printing, Urethane Casting.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Established in 2019 as a plastic injection company, SyBridge Technologies is a distinctive and forward-thinking entity within the manufacturing sector, specializing in plastic part injection molding and a diverse range of manufacturing processes. Their broad scope extends across various industries, including consumer goods, mobility, aerospace, health and beauty, life sciences, and industrial applications.

Leveraging the latest digital technologies in tandem with their expertise in design, manufacturing, and aftermarket services, they are dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their objectives throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept to production.

As one of strong plastic injection molding companies, their primary goal is to streamline product development and enhance speed to market. Notable among the strengths are their proficiency in digital manufacturing, tooling, and molding, supported by cloud platforms driven by cutting-edge technology. With a presence in more than 20 locations worldwide, they are strategically positioned to provide comprehensive support to the clients.


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Type of Business: Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer.
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong province, China.
History: Over 20 years.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding, Overmolding, Insert Molding, Rapid Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Sungplastic, a Chinese manufacturing facility with over two decades of expertise, is dedicated to rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding production, and plastic mold fabrication. Our focus lies in customized plastic part molding across diverse sectors, including electronics, automotive, consumer products, and the medical industry. With a remarkable proficiency in producing products with precise tolerances and exceptionally high surface finishes, Sungplastic stands out in the industry.

As a premier plastic molding parts manufacturer, we specialize in working with engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics, modified plastics, and composites to create tailor-made molded plastic components. Our commitment extends to meeting specific requirements such as chemical resistance, flexural strength, durometer, and yield strength.

Drawing on a wealth of professional injection molding knowledge and production experience, Sungplastic has proudly served numerous countries and established brands worldwide as a trusted plastic molding fabricator.

4.Four Process Ltd.

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Type of Business: Close Tolerance Engineered Plastic Injection Parts Manufacturing.
Location: MO, USA.
History: Since 1974.
Key Products & Service: Custom Injection Moulding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Hot/Cold Runner Injection Molding, Tool Design and Custom Made, Prototyping, Part Assembly, Packaging.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

At Four Process, they specialize in custom precision plastic injection molding. However, our commitment extends beyond simply manufacturing engineered plastic parts. They adopt a strategic approach to your plastic injection molding business, ensuring they address and fulfill your evolving needs throughout the entire lifecycle of a product.

As one of strong custom injection molding companies, from the initial stages of concept and prototyping to full-scale production and any subsequent changes, their dedicated team remains by your side. With their flexible operations, they can efficiently handle short, medium, and long production runs, adapting to your specific requirements. Their plastic precision injection molding capabilities guarantee the delivery of high-quality plastic molded products within agreed timelines.

In addition, their custom inventory management system enables to swiftly fulfill customer orders, ensuring responsiveness and efficiency. With on-site production capabilities, they offer a comprehensive solution, including assembly, component sourcing, custom plastic molding fabrication, specialized packaging, and more, providing you with a convenient one-stop shop experience. At Four Process, they strive to be your trusted partner, providing exceptional service and delivering superior results throughout the entire plastic injection molding process.

5.Alwin Manufacturing

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Type of Business: Plastic Injection Moulding Fabricator.
Location: FL, USA.
History: Since 1928.
Key Products & Service: Injection Molding, Mold Design and Building, 2-Shot Molding (Rotational & Transfer), Over-Molding & Insert Molding, Machining (including milling, drilling, tapping and reaming), Pad Printing, Hot Stamping & Engraving.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

The foundation of our business is plastic molded product design and development. We create custom injection moulding solutions. We translate the concepts and ideas of our customers into completed goods from the very beginning of production.

With a tonnage ranging from 60 to 900 tons, as one of strong injection molding companies, Alwin uses 21 injection molding machines, more than half of which have Star Automation Robots installed. Your biggest and trickiest plastic injection molding projects are within our capabilities! We minimize lead times and put forth great effort to make sure your molded products project is completed promptly and effectively by working three shifts, seven days a week.

6.GSH Industries, Inc.

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Type of Business: Plastic Molding Fabricator.
Location: Ohio, USA.
History: Since 1986.
Key Products & Service: Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Extrusion, Aluminum Extrusions, Rubber Extrusions, Prototype Production, CNC machining.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

As far as custom injection molding goes, GSH Industries is a pioneer. Their quality control department, engineering department, and in-house molding capabilities all contribute to their ability to offer excellent customer service throughout the entire manufacturing process.

With fifteen injection molding machines, which range in capacity from 75 to 1,500 tons, they can create a vast array of customized prototypes, from intricate small plastic parts to expansive adorned assemblies. Their engineers and designers will help you with the design of your custom plastic molded product from the drawing board to the assembly line because they have experience producing high-quality plastic molding parts. Together, as one of strong bespoke injection molding companies, they will identify the ideal components, layout, and construction techniques required to produce a high-quality final product.

7.Abtec, Inc.

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Type of Business: Custom Plastic Molding Company.
Location: USA.
History: Over 100 Years.
Key Products & Service: Custom Plastic Injection Molding, Custom Tooling, Mold Design, Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Abtec, Inc., a custom plastic injection molding, extends its support tooling services globally. With a cumulative experience exceeding 100 years, their team of experts excels in devising unique solutions for diverse tooling needs and production challenges, delivering high-quality parts within short turnaround times. Their comprehensive custom injection molding services encompass mold and part design, among other offerings.

From prototype development to short-run and mass production, their custom plastic molding company leverages extensive industry experience to ensure the manufacturability of quality parts. Abtec goes beyond by assisting in part design, preventing unnecessary spending on prototypes that may prove challenging to manufacture. As one of strong customized injection molding companies, their commitment to utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art technologies and plastic injection molding processes ensures that we consistently surpass our customers’ expectations.

8.Natech Plastics

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Type of Business: Precise Plastic Molding Company.
Location: NY, USA.
History: Over 20 years.
Key Products & Service: Design & Development, Mold making, Custom Plastic Molding, Contract Manufacturing.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Natech Plastics, a plastic molding company certified under ISO 13485 and 9001, provides a comprehensive range of services including custom plastic injection molding, contract manufacturing, and plastic product design and development. Their expertise extends to scientific molding services and design for manufacture, ensuring stable processing and streamlined schedules for intricate and crucial-use plastic parts. As a plastic moulding parts manufacturer, Natech offers various product finishing techniques such as banding, hot stamping, silk screening, pad printing, conductive painting, cosmetic painting, metalizing, and plating.

Specializing in packaging, medical, and diagnostics, as one of strong tailored injection molding companies, Natech excels in automated and semi-automated injection-molded component and assembly manufacturing across medium to high volumes. Their engineers bring extensive experience, including mold qualifications in medical IQ/OQ/PQ, high-volume automation in consumer packaging, and proficiency with engineering-grade resins and ultra-polymers in electronics. This expertise positions Natech as a precise and reliable plastic injection molding manufacturer.

9.Ferriot Inc.

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Type of Business: Contract Injection Molding Manufacturer.
Location: Ohio, USA.
History: Since 1929.
Key Products & Service: Custom Contract Injection Molding, Part & Mold Design and Engineering, Custom Mold Making, Insert Molding, Over Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Ferriot Inc. stands as a comprehensive custom injection molder of engineered resins, offering full-service solutions. Established in 1929 and privately held, the company boasts over 150 employees, including seasoned engineers and skilled technicians in the manufacturing and injection molding industry.

Functioning as a contract injection molding manufacturer, Ferriot excels in engineering, product design, custom molding, sub- and finished assembly, ensuring on-time delivery of components and finished products for major industries. This contract injection molding products supplier efficiently streamlines the entire manufacturing process, covering supply-line development, process qualification, product testing, and final assembly, up to drop shipping.

In particular, Ferriot Inc. specializes in custom contract injection molding manufacturing for the medical industry, providing enclosures and encasements for medical equipment. Their expertise extends to unique contract injection molding solutions for consumer products, medical products, electronics, business machines, industrial applications, and more.

With a mobile and adaptable manufacturing approach, as one of strong custom-made injection molding companies, Ferriot tailors on-time production to diverse needs, including short runs on assemblies with multiple parts.


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Type of Business: Injection Molding Services Provider.
Location: GA, USA.
Key Products & Service: 3D Printing, CNC Plastic Machining, Urethane Casting, Plastic Molding, Short Run Molding, Custom Silicone Molding, Rapid Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

RevPart has established a strong reputation for providing plastic injection molding services, specifically catering to small-scale production runs. Their advanced facilities, combined with meticulous manufacturing processes, empower them to manufacture parts of unparalleled quality, characterized by exceptional precision and consistency. In addition to injection molding services, RevPart extends its services to encompass rapid prototyping, enabling customers to test and refine their designs before initiating full-scale production.

With a focus on both speed and efficiency, RevPart can produce plastic injection molded parts in as little as one day, making them an ideal partner for time-sensitive projects. As one of strong and remarkable injection molding companies, heir team of experienced engineers is also readily available to assist with design optimization for injection molding solution, ensuring that custom plastic parts are optimized for manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. Whether you require a few hundred parts or more, RevPart possesses the expertise and resources to deliver the results you seek.


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