Top 10 Leading PEEK Injection Molding Manufacturers


In recent years, the development of PEEK injection molding has gained significant momentum, revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. PEEK injection molding manufacturers have emerged as key players in this field, offering expertise in producing high-quality PEEK molded parts.

With its exceptional mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and thermal stability, PEEK has become a preferred choice for demanding applications in aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors.

We explore the advancements in PEEK injection molding and the capabilities of leading PEEK injection molding manufacturers in delivering precision-engineered PEEK molded parts. Please read more.

Custom PEEK molded parts components-PEEK Injection Molding Manufacturers

List of PEEK Injection Molding Manufacturers

  • Drake Plastics
  • Aero-Plastics Inc.
  • Sungplastic
  • Ensinger
  • Springboard Manufacturing
  • Victrex plc
  • Spectrum Plastics Group.
  • Micro Mold Plastics USA, Inc.
  • Source International
  • Protolabs

1.Drake Plastics

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Type of Business: PEEK Injection Molding.
Location: TX, USA.
History: Since 1996.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Injection Moulding, Torlon Injection Molding, Ryton PPS Injection Molding, Plastic Machining, Plastic Molding, Insert Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Among numerous excellent PEEK injection molding manufacturers, Drake specializes in the injection molding of various grades of Victrex PEEK, Solvay PEEK, and RTP PEEK. Their in-house PEEK molding operation employs state-of-the-art all-electric machines with appropriately sized barrels, minimizing time at temperature during molding to enhance the properties and consistency of each molded part. With machine sizes ranging from 35 to 300 tons, they have the capability to mold PEEK parts spanning from 0.03 oz. to 20 oz.

Drake is renowned as a leading molder of high-temperature PEEK and PEK-based polymers. Their PEEK injection moulding process is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Utilizing Toyo injection-compression molding machines and leveraging their expertise in processing PEEK, they excel in achieving precision tolerances, zero draft, fiber orientation, insert molding, and handling heavy cross sections—capabilities that set them apart from other PEEK injection molding manufacturers. All their machines are RJG equipped, enabling to monitor in-cavity conditions and develop the most reliable PEEK plastic molding process for a given part. We adhere to scientific molding principles when molding PEEK parts.

2.Aero-Plastics Inc.

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Type of Business: PEEK Injection Moulding Solution.
Location: WA, USA.
History: Since 1945.
Key Products & Service: Injection Moulding, PEEK injection Manufacturing, Part & Tool Design, CNC Machining, Finishes, Insert Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Among outstanding PEEK injection molding manufacturers, Aero-Plastics specializes in PEEK injection molding projects, including insert molding and other value-added services. Their expertise extends to injection molding various materials, such as PEEK, Ultem, high-performance engineered resins, as well as commodity resins like polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, and nylons.

With their seasoned experience in high-performance polymers and engineered resins, you can trust us to provide expert guidance on material selection. All the tooling is meticulously crafted to meet industry standards, ranging from Class 103 to 101. Their knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you determine the optimal plastic materials and processes tailored to your specific application and unique requirements.

Regarding PEEK injection molding tolerances, part size, and part geometry, they assess each part of project individually. Employing a Design for Manufacture process, they align your project goals with custom PEEK molding manufacturing methods. Their objective is to assist you in achieving the best value possible. Their experts collaborate with you on tolerance objectives, ensuring that they are well-suited to the project. They understand how over-specified tolerances can escalate project costs, and they work to minimize them without compromising product quality.


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Type of Business: PEEK Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer.
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong province, China.
History: Over 20 years.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Injection, Plastic Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding, Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding, Overmolding, Insert Molding, Rapid Prototyping.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Sungplastic, a Chinese plastic injection molding factory with over two decades of expertise, is dedicated to rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding production, and plastic mold fabrication, low volume injection molding and medium to high volume production. Our focus lies in customized PEEK plastic part molding across diverse sectors, including electronics, automotive, consumer products, and the medical industry, including low volume injection molding. With a remarkable proficiency in producing low volume injection molded plastic products with precise tolerances and exceptionally high surface finishes, Sungplastic stands out in the plastic injection molding industry.

As a premier PEEK components and plastic injection molded parts manufacturer, we specialize in working with engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics, modified plastics, and composites to create tailor-made molded plastic components. Our commitment extends to meeting specific requirements such as chemical resistance, flexural strength, durometer, and yield strength.

Drawing on a wealth of professional PEEK plastic injection molding knowledge and custom batch production experience, Sungplastic has proudly served numerous countries and established brands worldwide as a trusted plastic PEEK molding fabricator.


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Type of Business: Custom PEEK Injection Molding.
Location: USA.
History: Since 1986.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Injection Moulding, Additive Manufacturing, Machining, Extrusion.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Ensinger stands as one of the world’s largest PEEK processors, boasting over three decades of expertise in PEEK plastic injection molding. Their global injection molding production sites, totaling four, churn out more than 50 million components annually. Crafting individual component solutions tailored to their customers’ specifications is a key priority.

As a dedicated solution provider, they excel in the injection molding of customized high-performance PEEK parts. Among remarkable PEEK injection molding manufacturers, their reputation as a dependable supplier extends across various industries, including the medical sector, mobility fields like aerospace and automotive, the semiconductor industry, and other industrial and electronic applications.

While their primary focus is on processing high-performance thermoplastics like commercially available PEEK, they possess the capability to create PEEK compounds designed specifically for your application. They undertake the development and in-house production of customized PEEK materials, ensuring an optimum property profile that aligns with your requirements. Examples of such materials include fiber-reinforced and tribologically optimized grades for mechanically demanding injection-molded products, LDS PEEK for MID-technology, and specialized PEEK grades for the medical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Ensinger’s North American operations concentrate on processing high-performance engineering plastics within our manufacturing facilities located in New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, Connecticut, and our North American headquarters in Washington, Pennsylvania. Their primary objective is to expand the engineering plastics market by leveraging our expertise in extrusion, casting, compression, and injection molding, coupled with their in-depth knowledge of high-performance polymers and applications. This allows them to offer our customers a diverse range of options as they drive innovation and advance part design in their respective industries.

5.Springboard Manufacturing

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Type of Business: PEEK Moulding.
Location: USA.
History: Over 40 years.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Injection Moulding, Plastic Injection Molding, Injection Mold & Tool Design, Overmolding, Insert Molding, Medical Molding, Micro Molding, Cleanroom Injection Molding, Custom Design & Engineering.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Among best PEEK injection molding manufacturers, Springboard possesses the expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art machinery necessary to proficiently handle PEEK plastic in all their plastic injection molding processes. They offer unmatched proficiency in injecting PEEK resin for medical devices and various other applications.

Recognized as a leading authority in plastic injection molding, Springboard employs “scientific molding” methods, conducting experiments with different variables and collecting data. This iterative approach allows to optimize the injection molding process, ensuring maximum efficiency and consistently superior quality products, from the initial piece to the final one.

Operating under the name Stack Plastics, Springboard is an FDA registered injection molding company with ISO 13485 certification and IQ, OQ, and PQ validation. Their specialization lies in low to mid-volume production of challenging-to-manufacture plastic parts. Their clientele spans the medical industry, aerospace, and consumer products.

With advanced injection molding capabilities and a production space exceeding 300,000 square feet on-site, they are equipped to produce standard and intricate molded parts of varying sizes. Their team of qualified experts collaborates with you throughout the entire process, from design to packaging, ensuring that you receive precisely what you need at a cost-effective price.

6.Victrex plc

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Type of Business: Tailored PEEK Injection Moulding.
Location: USA.
History: Since 1978.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Compression Molding, Additive Manufacturing.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Among numerous PEEK injection molding manufacturers, VICTREX PEEK polymers have catalyzed advancements across various industries. Serving as a substitute for metal, these high-performance polymers play a crucial role in meeting essential engineering criteria for critical components.

From smartphones, airplanes, and cars to oil and gas operations and medical devices, the versatile and innovative applications of their PEEK polymer continue to expand and evolve.

With the inception of PEEK over 40 years ago, Victrex has consistently led the way in pioneering new PAEK-based polymers, materials, and solutions that have revolutionized markets. Victrex is the #1 PEEK expert with unmatched knowledge and experience spanning polymers, forms & parts

As a global leader in PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions, their commitment to delivering superior outcomes for their customers remains unwavering. With each new development, they aim to assist manufacturers in overcoming intricate design and engineering challenges. VICTREX PEEK polymer can be processed using conventional thermoplastic equipment. Both unfilled and filled grades are available in the form of granules, powder, or ultra-fine powder. Granules are typically recommended for injection molding, extrusion, monofilament, and wire coating operations. Powder is utilized for compression molding, while fine powders find application in coating processes and the manufacture of composite pre-pregs.

7.Spectrum Plastics Group

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Type of Business: Bespoke PEEK Moulding.
Location: USA.
History: Since 1949.
Key Products & Service:PEEK Injection Molding, Injection Mold Prototyping, Overmolding & Insert Molding, Micro Molding, Silicone Molding.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Ensure the success of your PEEK-based project by collaborating with Spectrum, a seasoned PEEK processor. Some examples of their successful PEEK injection molded applications encompass:
Suture & ligament fixation devices, Bicep implants, Micro PEEK Housing, Micro injection molding components, Pharmaceutical tube fittings for dispensing and testing processes, Surgical components.

Among numerous PEEK injection molding manufacturers, Spectrum possesses expertise in PEEK molding, PEEK extruding, and 3D printing PEEK. Beyond identifying the correct grade for the processing method, they have a comprehensive understanding of material properties. When necessary, they actively consult and engage with material suppliers to secure the best material composition for your specific application.

Their PEEK injection-molded solutions encompass premium, high-quality components and fully assembled medical devices. With years of experience in handling complex PEEK molding projects involving highly engineered performance medical plastics, Spectrum is well-equipped to meet your project requirements.

8.Micro Mold Plastics USA, Inc.

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Type of Business: Bespoke PEEK Moulding Products Supplier.
Location: TX, USA.
History: Since 1987.
Key Products & Service: Close-Tolerance Injection Molded PEEK Parts Manufacturing, Sonic Welding, Hot Stamping, Assembly.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Micro Mold Plastics USA, Inc. is a custom manufacturer specializing in the production of small, close-tolerance injection-molded parts crafted from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and PEEK.

Their close-tolerance injection molding services extend to a variety of plastic materials, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acetal, acetate, nylon, polycarbonate, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, polysulfone, PPA, PVC, TPR, and Ultem® (PEI). In addition to molding, they offer supplementary services such as sonic welding, hot stamping, and assembly. Their clientele spans diverse industries, including oil and gas, electronics, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, dental, and construction. They adhere to AS9100D standards to ensure quality and compliance.

Established as a woman-owned business, Micro Mold Plastics USA, Inc. commenced production in March 2018. It traces its roots back to Micro Mold Plastics Inc., originally founded in 1987, with production initiation in 1988. The company’s legacy dates further back to the 1960s when Micro Molding Inc. played a pioneering role in plastic production and manufacturing in Fort Worth, Texas.

Specializing in small, close-tolerance PEEK injection molding, their operation is housed in a facility spanning approximately 20,000 square feet. They operate machines ranging from 1 oz. 25 tons to 17 oz. 240 tons. At Micro Mold Plastics USA, Inc., their primary focus is on delivering quality PEEK injection moulding parts coupled with superior customer service. Among various PEEK injection molding manufacturers, they leverage their collective 120+ years of experience and knowledge within the plastics moulding industry to achieve these goals.

9.Source International

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Type of Business: Custom PEEK Injection Moulding Service Provider.
Location: KY, USA.
History: Since 1988.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Injection Moulding, Rapid Prototyping, Overmolding & Insert Molding, Mold Making, Engineering, EDM, Part & Mold Design.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

Source International specializes in custom plastics injection molding, offering a diverse range of sizes and complexities. They work with various materials, including POM, ABS, Nylon 66, HDPE, LDPE, PBT, PP, Copolymer PP, PC, PET, PMMA, copolymer PEEK, PS, PU, PE, SAN, PPS, PBT, TPE, TPV, urethane structural foam, and custom compounded materials.

Among PEEK injection molding manufacturers, their PPEK injection molding services come with value-added features such as CAD/CAM part design, mold design, mold repair, design for manufacturability (DFM), engineering, reverse engineering, mold making, product development, rapid prototyping, over-molding, insert molding, unscrew molding, EDM, maintenance, tool history documentation, turnkey solutions, and inspection. Secondary services encompass pad printing, ultrasonic welding, silk screening, painting, light assembly, protective packaging, hot stamping, machining, heat staking, sonic welding, and assemblies. They cater to prototype and low to high volume production runs.

With machine capabilities ranging from a clamping force of 35 to 3,300 tons, precision within a tolerance of +/- 0.002 inches, and a shot size of 5 grams to 2,500 grams, theyaccommodate a wide spectrum of project requirements. Their services extend to various industries, providing offshore contract manufacturing, automation, OEM/ODM, engineering, product development, prototyping, pilot production, quality assurance, and supply chain management. They adhere to standards such as ASTM, ANSI, D2000, REACH, NSF, ISO, RoHS, WEEE, IPC 1752-1, AS9100D, UL, TUV, NSF, and others, as needed.


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Type of Business: PEEK Injection Molding Services.
Location: MI, USA.
History: Since 1973.
Key Products & Service: PEEK Part Injection Molding, Low-Volume Injection Moulding, Plastic Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Overmolding, Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication.
Materials:ABS, PP, PE, PMMA, PA, PS, PC, PEEK, PVC, PET and more.

Company Background and Advantage:

At Protolabs, their rapid and cost-effective on-demand manufacturing and PEEK injection molding production, utilizing aluminum tooling, offers a swift solution for producing hundreds of thousands of end-use PEEK plastic injection molded parts.

Among successful PEEK injection molding manufacturers, their on-demand PEEK injection molding services seamlessly transition from prototyping to volume production for PEEK molded parts, establishing them as a comprehensive manufacturing provider. They can make the move from prototyping to on-demand manufacturing for affordable, high-quality molded parts within days. Better yet, your prototyping tool is free once you shift to an on-demand manufacturing tool. Working with a single PEEK injection components supplier that provides free design consultation services also massively speeds up the manufacturing process, allowing for greater supply chain flexibility, more consistent parts, and making qualification a breeze.


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